We Help Members Live an Active Life (Again)…Without Pain Killers, Injections, and to Avoid Surgery by Blending PROVEN Eastern and Western Medicine Methods.


“… I finally had surgery to have my rotator cuff fix…starting to have problems with day to day functions…..I am very happy with the therapy I had. I loved the fact that not only was I a regular client, I felt more of a personal connection….got me back enjoying my passion of softball.”

~ April, rec softball player

“… I crashed my bike two years ago and destroyed my ACL, bruised some ribs and my left arm. After surgery to replace my ACL,…Depression followed ….The pain lingered no matter what I did …After several weeks of visiting a chiropractor proved no different ….(Danh’s) approach to therapy was so innovative and….I (was able to) cycle fifty miles with my friends on one ride. I felt super-human, relaxed, in control, and healthy….”

~ Kim, writer & cyclist

“….He is very skilled in what he does, and very knowledgeable. He very informative and has no problem answering any questions….Danh takes a real personal take to every client ….He needed to think outside the box to help me get to where I needed to be…I’ve gotten so much farther with my rehabilitation this time for my second shoulder surgery. …. I will definitely refer my friends and family….”

~ David, father of 4

Welcome to ReVITALize Rehab Club.


ReVITALize Rehab’s focus is to bring members independence AWAY from the medical system. We use a hands on approach that gives member the tools they need for long lasting results so they don't have to rely on me - or anyone else - to be active healthy and mobile.

Our main mission is to help one person at a time, to strengthen one family at a time, to rebuild one community at a time, for an empowered future! Let’s get moving! Dream BIG! Move BIG!

Dr. Danh Ngo

USA Leading Holistic Spine and Sports Injury Expert*

*Only 1% of Physical Therapist in the US has both specialty

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