"We help active people in Long Beach that are not willing to sacrifice the activity they love, to feel safe and confident, while improving their mobility and strength."

An innovative blend of Orthopedic, Sports Injury, and Holistic Medicine solution that works - starting with YOU FIRST!

We are located in Bixby Knolls of Long Beach

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What we specialize in

Mind + Body Orthopedic

Muscles and Joints are designed to do amazing things when your mind and body are connected.


Sports Medicine

Exercise done right isn’t painful but actually helps to improve your flexibility, posture and alignment.


Holistic Medicine

Your body works together, heals together. Fixing at the source from the beginning is our focus.


Welcome to ReVITALize Rehab Club

Hi! My name is Dr Ngo and I take your health very seriously. You and your body are unique on many levels and such is that we need to know more about you before any commitment is made on your part.

As we have helped 1000's just like you to have long LASTING relief, more mobility and an "active" outlet from life's daily stress, you don’t have to wake up and accept the pain. No matter your age or condition, we are here to help you feel better so you can be active on your own terms - YES YOU CAN!

As we combine Holistic Physical Therapy with latest Sports Medicine science, we are most proud of the mind body solutino that research has shown to work best for you.

Our main mission is to help one person at a time, to strengthen one family at a time, to rebuild one community at a time, for an empowered future! Let’s get moving! Dream BIG! Move BIG!

Los Angeles Leading Holistic Spine and Sports Medicine Specialist*

Dr. Danh Ngo
Certified Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialist
Doctor of Holistic Physical Therapy
Mind Body Health Results Coach

*Only 1% of Physical Therapist in the US has both specialty

“Dr. Danh is amazing. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his approach in treatments is what I’ve been looking for. It’s only been three visits and I already feel so much better.”

~ Mario, Photographer

“… I crashed my bike two years ago and destroyed my ACL, bruised some ribs and my left arm…Depression followed … pain lingered no matter what I did …After several weeks of visiting a chiropractor proved no different ….(Danh’s) approach to therapy was so innovative and….I (was able to) cycle 50 miles… I felt super-human, relaxed, in control, and healthy….”

~ Kim, Cyclist + Writer

“I was having a bout of low back pain that wasn’t resolving with my other physical therapist and chiropractor. I needed help and I’m glad I found Revitalize…my session was 100% devoted to my problem and my needs…

~ Micheal, Jiu-Jitsu + Dad

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Looking forward to helping you stay active on your own terms.

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