Success Stories (Physical Therapy Specialist)

Success Stories, with gratitude.

“Our goal is to help one person at a time, one neighborhood at a time, and one city at a time.  We are here to not change the world, we are here to be the best version of ourselves so the world can be a better place.”Dr Danh Ngo, ReVITALize Rehab Club

I am a physical therapist (PT) and I was looking for a PT who could help me with some specific craniosacral work to overcome the deep roots of trauma I had in my body.  A friend of mine referred Dr. Danh and the moment I met him I knew I was in the right place. He is warm and compassionate, exactly what I needed to reset my body. Dr. Danh helped me plug back into my power, reconnect my sensory system and I found my vitality! I am sleeping better and overall feel more peaceful in my body. I am grateful for his work. Thank you!

-gina, ortho phyical therapist

I am definitely thankful for Danh and his current ability to video conference as my back has been killing me and I don’t trust doing a chiropractor and with not being able to get a massage either. Doing this video conferencing was awesome because we were able to figure out some tools I could use in my home to help me do some exercises since I don’t have access to weight equipment or the physical therapy office equipment either. Danh is also great in responding and checking up on you to see how you have been after giving his words of advise.

-april, desk-jockey manager

What I enjoy most about my experience with Dr.Ngo is his willingness to listen to his clients/patients main source of pain, what they want to do in the future with there bodies, and critically thinks about what different techniques to use on you and that you can do on your own that are less stressful to the mind and body but yet very effective to your lifestyle in and out of your job. 
I value someone with not only the proper credentials but someone who is truly passionate about their field of practice, who is more there for you to help you live a stronger and healthier lifestyle then to “suggest” or waste your time out of your day and get nothing from it.

-DEVON, Firefighter

Dr. Ngo… what can I add that hasn’t been said already? Caring , compassionate and the best connection I have had with a doctor in a long time. Wish my life allowed me to see him every week! Generous with his time and I never feel rushed and also does the research you need on your ailments. Forever grateful to have found him.

-MaryJo, singer

I had an ankle sprain and Dr. Ngo was able to help me get back to coaching my gymnasts in a week.  I’ve sprained it in the past and no other PT has been able to aid in my recovery so quickly and effectively. He thought it was fractured and took the time to screen and make sure I got the right care, when all my doctor gave me was a brace to wear. I have been referring my gymnasts to him and he has made a tremendous difference in those that have seeked his help. He goes above and beyond for his clients and his love for helping others is definitely seen in his work. Highly recommend!!

-CRISTINA, Gymanast coach

Dr. Danh Ngo really listens and cares.  I started training for a half marathon after years of not training.  Started to develop hip pain and bad muscle spasm that prevented me from training.  Dr. Ngo got me up and running and I am now on schedule for my half marathon on Thanksgiving Day!

-JULIA, Recreational Runner

An amazing experience I felt Dr. Ngo cared about me getting better and took it uupon himself to find the root of my problem. I came to Dr. Ngo with plantar fasciitis, I left with no more and knowledge of why this happened. Due to previous injuries my body was trying to compensate which then cause the plantar fasciitis. Dr. Ngo taught me your body is your temple and you must nurture, protect, and take care of it no matter what. Thank you Dr. Ngo!

-Mysaiah, point-guard b-ball player

Today was a sad day..but a celebatory day.  I am officially released from PT after two months.  How fortunate that the City of Hope recommended him for my post op Prostate Surgery rehab.  Each visit began with Dr. Ngo actually listening to my symptoms and adjusting my therapy based on that.  His demeanor, his active listening skills, his commitment to my recovery and even the homework he did to bring expertise to each session showed me how truly lucky I was to have such a knowledgeable devoted professional.  I highly recommend him should you need assistance from a Physical Therapist.

-Gerry, Lover of Life and Dogs

Dr. Ngo is one of the best and I highly recommend!  Full Disclosure: I am a physical therapist myself, so I know a good one when I meet one. 😉 Went to Dr. Ngo for some shoulder pain.   Not only did he help me with that but also helped relieve some other chroinc pain/inflammation I had for years.  He encouraged me to work on my whole body and find relief from something I thought I would have to deal with for the rest of my life.  In just a few sessions, I was able to find relief and have a lot of tools to help stay pain free.  He is very knowledgable about the body and how it all works together.  He looks at your whole body inside and out and makes a customized plan tailored to you.  His programs are very practical and he will guide you through how to make changes that will have a lasting affect.  His hollistic approach may be different than other therapists but trust me, follow his instructions and you will truly benefit too!

-Shital, Physical Therapist

If you are looking for amazing relief, knowledge, and a caring human then you need Dr. Ngo!  I have no idea how it happened, but I woke one up one morning with crippling hip/IT band pain. I was seeking treatment from a professional who was comfortable with traditional and non-traditional safe methods of treatment. Dr. Ngo was exactly what I needed. There was a very hefty assessment and thorough treatment. Dr Ngo wanted to develop a plan that was realistic and effective based on my body. He even made a demonstration video of the exact exercises I needed to do each day. Within a couple days no pain!!    Perfect!

-Leslie, Golf-enthusiast

I normally do not write reviews but Dr. Danh has done such a great job that I had to do one for him. I have done CrossFit for about 5 years now and lately I noticed I had a weak right shoulder to the point I had trouble holding doors open. I met Danh about 6 months ago to discuss the issues regarding this shoulder and after an extensive interview, he diagnosed my issue was my rotator cuff and that I sorely needed to strengthen it. He explained with CrossFit the focus is on the major muscles and that the support muscles are often not given enough attention. We worked on a few shoulder exercises to strengthen with some other stuff that I did to focus on my shoulder. He also noticed I had very tight hips and explained how everything is tied together and that working on my hips and core would also help connect everything together. It has been a few months and I have noticed significant improvement in my shoulder. We have only had 3 visits where we see where the progress is and Danh works on my CNS via manipulative therapy to improve connection. He is the only PT that looks at the entire picture. I have noticed some neck tightness and also clicking in the same shoulder weakness (no pain though) and Danh was willing to do a session via video conferencing with all the COVID going around to discuss what can I do to help with this. Though it will never match visiting in person, Danh was thorough and it was a nice option to see someone when I am having issues. Highly recommend Danh as a PT.

-Dat, pharmacist and cross-fit

Thanks Dan! I’am 99% pain free and more important is that you’ve set a fire in me to be a healthy path. You have a wealth of information and are so in tune with the body. My experience has been the best and look forward my treatments with you!!

-LUPE, Administer that loves to spend time with family

I’ve been to many PTs before I saw Danh and never found any to be helpful. Danh was my PT after I had shoulder surgery and he was awesome! He helped me rehab to get myself back into Crossfit and didn’t just tell me that Crossfit is “bad for your body” like other PTs have said. Once my shoulder felt like new, we attacked my back which has been an issue for 9 years. He took a different approach that helped so much! My back has been feeling so much better since then, and my on going stomach issues have ceased. Being a competitive gymnast for 16 years and a Crossfitter for 3 years, I loved how he worked with me as an athlete, helping me do the things I enjoy without pain or discomfort. I would highly recommend him to everyone! He’s definitely the best PT around.

-JENNIFER, Gymnastic Coach

After suffering a terrible concussion 2 months ago I asked a few colleagues about a good craniosacral therapist. As a health care practitioner myself I consider myself a bit picky but Dr. Ngo came highly recommended by a trusted friend. He got me in right away and was immediately helpful and reassuring. He never fails to use a global perspective in his treatments by targeting diet and a variety of unique techniques that I can now take to my own patients. He has now become a trusted friend and I would absolutely refer any of my patients suffering from severe head injuries.

-CLAIRE, Avid cross-fitter and Athletic trainer with multiple concussion

My name is Melanye i had a pretty bad sprain on my ankle and lost my confidence to play basketball. Attending the Rehab not only helped me build up my confidence but Dr.Ngo helped me strengthen my ankle and how to take care of myself. I play varsity basketball at my high school and i am a freshman. Dr.Ngo helped me get back to being the best shooting guard i can be but it is like no other rehab. I felt completely comfortable and helped me gain faith that i will comeback. It took a lot of patience and what i very much liked was how he not only just focused on my ankle he helped with my whole body and my health. There was times where i would say i cant but he always said “you can now get back up, you got this”. Therefore I highly recommend this place if you go through any sports injuries he is the guy you should see. Im happy to say that i am back and its all thanks to Dr.Ngo!!!

– Melanye, shooting guard b-ball

After attending physical therapy sessions with Dr. Ngo, I am quite sure that his innovative blend of medicines and physical exercises have helped me a lot to be physically fit. I asked for his help to get rid of the knee pain I have been suffering from, which adversely impacted my mobility and posture and moreover, made me feel irritated as I cannot enjoy activities like running sprinting, and high intensity workouts

Thanks to Dr. Ngo for his dedicated efforts he has put in to make me do the right exercises, which not only relived knee pain but also strengthened my knee.  His exercise sessions turned out to be extremely beneficial for me as they relieved the knee pain and therefore, helped me improve my mobility and strength in different muscle areas.

Over the sessions, I am now able to enjoy the exercises I like such as sprinting, running and intense workouts. His therapy has not only helped me feel better physically but has also helped me to feel relaxed mentally as he fulfilled his promises. His therapy sessions are very reliable, effective and efficient and one can easily rely on these to ensure their physical fitness.

He helped me do the exercises in a right manner, which not only strengthened me and improved my posture but also helped me improve my flexibility. His mind and body orthopaedic sessions are amazing and these sessions are useful to ensure that your mind is closely connected with your body.

-Emy, Work-out enthusiast

Everyone succeeded because these 3 factors are important to them!  If this sounds like you, there is a great chance you will succeed too!

The time and pace to be truly comprehensive. You get 90 minutes upfront instead of a rushed 30 minutes – You can be one of the lucky 15 we help PER WEEK as oppose to a crazy 120+ PER WEEK!

Expert assessment by a Certified Specialist

100% Guaranteed treatment by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This means no Assistance (or aides). Better results. Precise Care.

BONUS: Fun and winning experience based on your unique goals and preferences.

  • Tony, lawyer and soccer enthusiast

    I visited Dr. Ngo for physical therapy for lower back pain in conjunction with physical therapy at Southland.  Although the exercises recommended at Southland were useful and definitely helped strengthen my core, they tend to take a sort of cookie-cutter approach there.  Dr. Ngo is definitely NOT cookie-cutter.  He really tries to tailor your physical therapy regime to your specific goals, and he is very alert to the possibility that injuries in one part of your body could be affecting performance in another area.  In my sessions, he identified issues that Southland had not really considered, and he prescribed for me a series of complementary but fantastic exercises, which have really seemed to turn things around…

  • Kristina, event planner and avid swimmer/water polo

    ReVITALize Rehab and Dr. Danh are unlike any other physical therapy experience I have ever had. I absolutely loved coming here. … I came in for tightness in my hip flexor/lower back and pain while swimming and running, and Dr. Danh addressed all my past injuries and general health history, including my nutrition in order to get to the root cause of my pain… The exercises are easy to follow and maintain. I came from a sporty background and felt like Danh did a great job addressing my questions and letting me know when and how I could progress…

  • Jackie, Mom of 2

    On June 25,2020 I was involved in a car accident. I was hit from the back. My lawyer referred me to a chiropractor. She then asked me to get an MRI done. All throughout this time the chiropractor was just cracking my back, massage beds and heat pads. I felt like my life was coming to an end. I’m a 29 year old mom with two kids. All this time I was going to the chiropractor all I wanted was to improve and instead I felt my body decline. I was no longer able to carry anything heavy, I couldn’t bend over to pick up anything nor run around and play with my kids. MRI showed I had two herniated discs and that’s when it hit me that it was serious that I wasn’t just complaining to stop my daily life. The doctor that works with the chiropractor highly suggested that I get two epidurals and if that didn’t work surgery. I right away declined my options and left. I spoke to my husband about it and told him that I didn’t want any of those options that I was full of life and had more to offer to our family. I was determined that surgery was not an option for me. After months of chiropractor visits I never improved instead my body felt more injured and exhausted. Tired of seeing me in pain and exhausted my husband suggested I should seek help with Dr.Ngo. Since he had already helped him through with his injuries and personal matters as well. We had experienced Dr.Ngo’s work before hand and I said YES! It’s an answer that I will never in my life regret! On my very first session I felt the energy and strength that I had before my accident. By my second session I was back to normal and pushing my body to even bigger limits then before. I was able to play with my kids without pausing because of my pain. My shoulder pain was gone, my chest pain was gone and my back pain was very minimal. His 24/7 availability made it more special for me because my body was recovering from an injury and everyday it was something new. I will forever be grateful to Dr.Ngo for helping my family. The huge improvement with my husband and my own improvement has been a miracle! I thought our journeys were slowly coming to an end with our injuries but a huge thank you to Dr.Ngo our life full of adventure is only beginning!

I limped/hobbled into Dr Ngo’s office for the first time in May 2021
He had me walking out of the office with a normal stride only 90 minutes later. What I discovered that day but took me months to realize was that my limp was a direct result of my injury rather it was a reaction to the pain I was feeling when I tried walking.
On the first day he taught me that even while it may hurt, the body is capable of moving with good mechanics even though I was injured…And that overcoming the fear of experiencing the pain was a crucial step to take because a limp would only undermine my ability to walk with a normal stride again.
My injury was result of Brazilian jujitsu competition. At 41 years old, I had discovered BJJ only a year or two before. I fell in love with it and I was going 3 to 4 times a week. I was slowly breaking down my body because my body was not coordinated while itself. Which finally resulted in my injury.
I came across Dr Ngo by accident. Physical therapy clinics that I had been to before in were booked for months in advance and couldn’t see me. I believe that there was a backlog of demand from surgeries and procedures been halted during the pandemic.
I was going through the yelp listings calling every clinic in my area. Dr Ngo called me back within hours of leaving him a message. I was so grateful.
I had appointments with Dr Ngo twice a week for the next couple of months post injury. During that time I had received a MRI that had concluded that my meniscus was torn and my ACL was torn away from the bone. The orthopedic surgeon recommended that I have surgery if I ever wanted to be 100% again. I’ve never had a major surgery before and I was very nervous. I discussed this option with Dr Ngo and over the next few months I worked intensely with him to get strength and mobility back into my leg. Weather was going to have surgery or not it was critical for me to rehabilitate my injury. Their were moments in the run up to my surgery date where I nearly canceled the surgery. Dr Ngo had me moving so well. He had me doing an all of my regular tasks… I was even back on the jujitsu mats. I wasn’t going hard because I wasn’t 100%  but I felt as if I could have gone my whole life without my ACL….Such was the effectiveness of his treatment. In the end I decided to go on with the surgery, Dr Ngo supported me in this and he recognized that on a mental level I needed to feel whole again.
The surgery day came and went. I had an excellent surgeon, Dr. Wang, from Ortho West…. I kept in close contact with Dr Ngo while I was laid up in a straight leg brace for six weeks. Once the time came for me to do physical therapy again I hobbled back into his office. Once again he had me walking out. I’ve been visiting him twice a week for a couple months post surgery, I am now down to once a week…tho mostly for budget reasons…I have sub par insurance unfortunately. But that’s ok because
I am able to do a lot of the exercises that he would have me do in his office at home.

I am almost 5 months post surgery now. Unless I was doing something challenging and athletic I wouldn’t know that I had been injured or had surgery. I have no pain. I have full mobility and I am building good hypertrophy in my leg. I know I have several more months to go before I’m cleared for jujitsu and other sports but I am trusting in the process and I feel confident that with him in my corner I will be back to doing what I love and will be better than what I was before I got injured. You see, what I am learning through this long relationship with Dr Ngo is that my body was not working entirely effectively for most of my life. I did not have good mind-body connections and I was putting a lot of stress on my joints. I had neglected a lot of movements that would have helped me be more stable and more strong. Not knowingly, I spent a lot of time and energy strengthening larger muscle groups, which ended up compensating when my smaller muscle groups really should have been recruited to do the exercise. I feel more in tune and more confident than ever have with my body. I used to have fallen arches, now I can stand up and walk around on my toes like a dancer. Dr Ngo is the real deal. His knowledge is vast,  his approach is intelligent and built upon 20+ years of experience. He’s compassionate and caring and I would recommend him to anybody who needed to be taught how to integrate their mind and body to peak performance.
Thank you Dr Ngo

-Michael, BJJ Lover

This Dr dose outstanding work and he’s only going to get better he’s helped me overcome so much dealing with my ACL injury. Before I came to him I wasn’t getting the proper treatment but when I started working with him I’ve been elevating never decreasing . I would strongly recommend this doctor for ANY injury!

-Jaden, Running Back with ACL surgery

One of the best physical therapist in the Long Beach area. Had shoulder problems he fixed them in a few sessions. If your looking for serious professional physical therapist he is your guy.Thank you for all your help god bless.

-JOSE, Avid weight-trainer with failed PT for his shoulder injury

I am very thankful for what ReVITALize Rehab has helped me to accomplished.  As a dad who used to live the sport of soccer, I’ve let my physical strength go as a father and accept waking up with knee and back stiffness.  I was told to give those days up and actually didn’t know it was possible.  When Dr Ngo said arthritis can be managed with work, I was willing to try.  I know hard work, and if that was the only thing holding me back, I was up for the challenge.  Not only was dr Ngo the guidance I need, he inspired and demonstrated integrity and honesty.  I am back playing soccer and the best part, I can be the dad my boys need me to be.  I recommend ReVITALize Rehab Club and actually cannot believe I didn’t try them earlier.

-OLIVER, Dad and soccer enthusiast

I was referred by my orthopedic specialist to see a physical therapist for a pinched nerve in my neck and back which was causing a lot of pain in those areas as well as pain in my arm and numbness in my fingers.

There’s only one PT in my HMO and they had terrible reviews. I saw rave reviews for Dr Ngo so I decided to pay cash and give it a go. I’ve been going weekly for about a month and a half with really great results.

No more pain in my arm or numbness in my fingers. The pain in my neck is gone and about 85% of my back pain is gone. He’s also helped greatly with my shoulder and knee pain, which weren’t even why I went there. Several things impress me about Dr Ngo. Very personalized treatment.

He works on both the localized issue and also the root core issues, which in my case have turned out to be digestion, circulation, core strength, and stress. He employs a variety of techniques, Western and Eastern, and the more you work with him the more you’ll see how much studying and research has gone into the work he does.

He studies your x-rays, MRIs, bloodwork, and gives you a very in depth survey to fill out. He’s incredibly thorough in his research of you. During the sessions, sometimes he’s working with you on exercises. Other times you lay on the table and he does all kinds of subtle manipulations while having you breath, turn, lift a certain way- any he explains what he’s doing so really get a sense of why it’s working.

He has helped me with breathing, posture, nutrition, strength, balance, and serenity. At the end of each session I take a video of him giving me homework and continued guidance and encouragement. He even keeps in touch between sessions to ask how I’m doing and offer suggestions.

He’s not only a great physical therapist, he’s a great guy. He builds a great rapport and earns your trust. He’s kind, gentle, funny, and a family man with young kids like me. He so easy to talk to and he genuinely cares. Highly recommended.

-PETER, Volleyball enthusiast

Dr. Ngo is an amazing Physical Therapist. Really helped me get better. Wonderful atmosphere and kind person.

-taylor, avid swimmer

The Revitalize Rehab Club was recommended to me for physical therapy treatment and this business really delivers great client service.  Staff is friendly, environment is clean and comfortable, treatments were tailored to my specific needs and I am continuing the home exercises with great results. I am back to work and performing my full duties without any pain.  Thanks to Dr. Ngo from the Revitalize Rehab Club.

-Jacquelin, Therapist who needed a strong back for work

Tremendous. Life saving. I’m a 37 year old navy veteran who suffered a traumatic injury to my abdomen on active duty 14 years ago. I’ve lived with discomfort, pain, depression, and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) since then. Dr. Ngo at ReVITALize is the first therapist in those 14 years who has given me sustainable healing, and I’ve been to a lot of places looking for relief. I have regained strength and mobility in my abdomen, and as they say: “mobility is nobility.” My mood has improved and I have been able to reengage life with a sense of purpose I haven’t felt in over a decade. Dr. Ngo is a pleasure to work with. He has my highest recommendation for all healing: physical, mental, and emotional. To my fellow veterans: please give Dr. Ngo a chance if you continue to suffer. I know he can serve you.

-FABIAN, Veteran and avid weightlifter

Yesterday concluded my treatment at ReVITALize Rehab Club.  We celebrated with a graduation ceremony LOLLL.  I’d like to send a big thank you to Dr. Danh for helping me rehab my pinched nerve.

The entire rehab was absolutely amazing, from the patient intake to reviewing my expectations before beginning rehab.  Dr. Danh goes above and beyond by personally contacting me between treatments to see how I’m doing, if I need any help with my rehab exercises and even gives me suggestions on podcasts LOL.

When I came to ReVITALize Rehab Club I was in pain and had no idea when I start feeling may relief.  I wasn’t even thinking about recovery yet.  After the first visit I already felt immediately better.  With the combination of daily rehab exercises and treatments I was able to better understand my body and also have a complete recovery.

-wallace, loves being active

Dr. Ngo (Danh) is someone you want on your team.  He listens, he cares, and he tries to figure out how to help you.  He’s a true “care giver.”  I have chronic back issues due to structural spinal defects.  My back always bothers me but from time to time I’m unable to function normally.  Two months out from a surf trip planned 6 months in advance was one of those times.  I needed help.  Danh examined me and noted contributing factors like an old surgery on my hamstring, an ACL surgery, and scoliosis.  He approached my problem holistically and needless to say I had a great trip.  Danh helped me achieve my goal.  He even answered texts and answered questions I had during my trip overseas.  There’s no way a typical PT facility can provide that service.  Dr. Ngo is my go-to person from now on.  I believe in his holistic approach.  And I believe in his compassion, caring, and work ethic.  I don’t think there is physical therapy provider that can take the individualized approach Dr. Ngo does.  It doesn’t fit the typical business model.  Dr. Ngo is definitely different.  I would recommend him to everyone.  I believe in his holistic approach and appreciate his humor and personal touch.  Give him a try.

-paul, engineer and avid surfer

Hands down the best care I have ever received. Let’s start at the beginning, the weekend of January 30, 2016 I was snowboarding in Big Bear CA, on snow summit. That Saturday was a warm clear day little bit of slush but not to bad but definitely not feeling satisfied with that day thought. I returned to my cabin and started looking at Sundays forecast, there was a winter storm advisory. I have never gone boarding while it was snowing before so I decided to go again the next day (sunday).

That morning I got up early so that I could be the first down the slop. The sky’s were dark the wind was blowing definitely an eerie feeling. My fist run down was ok viability was poor the slush from the day before was now ice but the snow was coming down and slowly making a good layer of powder.

The 2nd run I decided to go down away I hadn’t gone before. unfamiliar with the train combined with the poor visibility I what off a jump that I was not expecting. I found myself looking straight up into the dark sky and thinking to myself “shit”

I woke up some time after in the most pain I had ever felt, my back felt funny and I knew I wasn’t getting down the mountain on my own. I began yelling for help hoping someone would hear or see me. What felt like 20mins someone finally came by and Immediately realize that I was in a lot of pain.

He quickly Assess the area and determine that he needed to move me due to the fact I was at the bottom of the jump and someone at any time could land right on top of us. He tried helping to my feet but I Immediately collapsed on to my hands and knees I then rolled over onto my back and told him “I can’t”. He then started dragging me off to the side where he left me to go get help. Shortly after I hear a Snowmobile coming up from above.

They strapped me up and took me to the bottom of the slopes where an ambulance was waiting. I was then transported to Big Bear valley Community hospital. I was finally able to call my parents to let them know what had happen and that I was ok but need them to come get me.

The doctor’s up there ordered a C.T. scan of my back and found that I had fractured my L-1 Vertebrae. My dad and uncle finally make it up the mountain. I was then discharged so I could go home. About a day latter I stared to get a bad head to the point that it felt like my head was going to explode. My parents then took me to Emergency room. I told them everything that had happened and they decided to redo the C.T of my back and also my head. Turns out not only did I have a Fractured L-1 but i also fractured my L-2 T-11 T-12 and had a Subdural haematomas. Guess who was admitted for over a week this guy. I was told that they were all stable fractures and I did not need any surgery nor any type of brace my only instruction were to stay in bed and not to pick up anything.

About 6 months later the doctor’s felt it was time to start physical therapy. At first I was seeing this guy and I didn’t feel like I was making any progress and was getting very Discouraged. I was then Referred to Dr. Danh Ngo from a family member.

I showed up to an Appointment with him with little hope, that first session with was definitely a Spirit lifter. He Asked what I like to do and what my Ultimate goal was I replied with “I want to be able to go snow boarding again and offroading”

Dr. Ngo said “no problem I’ll get you there”. I still had my doubts but was willing to try everything. My second session was definitely painfully. As weeks go by I slowly begun to see actually Improvements.

As October’s neared I changed my goal from being able to off-road and snowboard again to being able to build my haunted house Iv been doing since 2012. With that goal in mind and Dr. Ngo pushing me I was actually able to do it. I am now back snowboarding and off-road as I once was. I owe everything to him I would not be able to be doing the things I love without his help. I would definitely recommend him.

Revitalize Rehab is amazing! I really appreciate Danh and his holistic approach. I wish that I had found them sooner. If you are having aches or pains don’t hesitate to go see them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I also appreciated the sincere care that they provide. They are the best!

-JOSHUA, Therapist and loves to Cross-Fit

Amazing! I have had knee pain due to arthritis since 2010. In May 2017 I had total knee replacement surgery. I did four months of rehab with another physical therapist with no results. I was still in pain and still using a cane to walk. I had revision surgery in December 2017. 

I am 48 years old and was not ready to live a life or restricted ability. After another two months of rehab with minimal results, I sought an alternative physical therapist and found Dr. Ngo. Within three months I was walking unassisted! 

Dr. Ngo is thorough, kind and cares about your quality of life. 

Thank you so very much!

Tova, Beat Knee Pain

As an active “weekend warrior”, I have experienced my fair share of injuries.  When I managed to injure my right shoulder, I thought it was inevitable that I would need surgery similar to what I had done to my left shoulder years ago.  The two cases were almost identical with respect to pain and limited range of motion.  After a few sessions with Dr. Ngo along with his suggested exercises, the pain went away and I was able to resume activities that I had missed for over a year, such as basketball and snowboarding.  I was extremely impressed by Dr. Ngo’s ability to immediately translate my layman verbal descriptions into tailored, effective treatment.  Throughout the sessions, he made sure to provide detailed explanations on why he was having me do certain movements and what I should be feeling while doing them.  In my experience with health care professionals, Dr. Ngo has a unique combination of technical prowess, true compassion, and enthusiasm for his craft.  I would definitely seek him out for help on any future (cross fingers) issues, and would absolutely recommend him to any friends or colleagues

-CAMERON, Engineer that is an avid skiier and basketball enthusiast

ReVITALize Rehab and Dr. Danh are unlike any other physical therapy experience I have ever had. I absolutely loved coming here. Not only was it comforting and welcoming to come into the club, but Dr. Danh is the best listener, is super thorough and is amazing at communicating. I am a worrier and was so happy to have Danh address many issues I was having, more than what I came in for. Dr. Danh is extremely comprehensive and he focuses on the whole body, not just on the leg or arm, or whatever is hurting you. I came in for tightness in my hip flexor/lower back and pain while swimming and running, and Dr. Danh addressed all my past injuries and general health history, including my nutrition in order to get to the root cause of my pain.
What I liked the most was how Dr Danh explained how things were connected. He explained things in the big picture as well as in specifics. He showed me how to create a better connection between my mind and body, which sounds cliche but was very important for my recovery- specifically my core connection.

The exercises are easy to follow and maintain. I came from a sporty background and felt like Danh did a great job addressing my questions and letting me know when and how I could progress. I appreciate his followups and exercise videos, they helped me stay on track.

Best of all, Danh is so friendly and very easy to have a conversation with! I can’t express enough how comfortable I felt here. Very worth it to check ReVITALize out!

-KRISTINA, Swimmer and Water Polo enthusiast

Wow, wow, wow! I honestly could not have asked for a better experience, Dr. Ngo really helped me with my knee issues that I had had for nearly a year, and I am so happy to be back to running and hiking like before. The wide range of techniques and methods he brings to helping you heal is amazing, and you just feel truly cared about through every step of the process. 

I work with kids and also was able to take what I learned here and apply it with them with great success and they loved learning about how to move better as well! 

Thanks Dr. Ngo for helping and supporting me in my journey of getting back to being my old self, it has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

-KATIE, Runner and Loves to Work-out

I visited Dr. Ngo for physical therapy for lower back pain in conjunction with physical therapy at Southland.  Although the exercises recommended at Southland were useful and definitely helped strengthen my core, they tend to take a sort of cookie-cutter approach there.  Dr. Ngo is definitely NOT cookie-cutter.  He really tries to tailor your physical therapy regime to your specific goals, and he is very alert to the possibility that injuries in one part of your body could be affecting performance in another area.  In my sessions, he identified issues that Southland had not really considered, and he prescribed for me a series of complementary but fantastic exercises, which have really seemed to turn things around.  Did I mention that he is a super nice guy, too?

-TONY, Lawyer and avid weekend soccer enthusiast

I hurt my back deadlifting about a year ago. Since then, I would never deadlift or even lift really heavy weights because I was too nervous to reinjure myself again. Since working with Danh and Revitalize Rehab Club, I’ve gained so much more confidence in deadlifting and lifting heavy overall. I also cut my mile times, bench stronger, feel no pain during weight lifting, and also learned some great stretches and warmups before my workouts. RRC gave me easy to follow exercises and instructions that were customized to my own needs and goals. Explanations for every exercise we did made total sense. Thanks again for letting me be one of your first clients!! I 100% recommend going to RRC for their rehab needs!

-Brian, Loves to lift weights

Dr. Dan is a Physical Therapy genius!!! The work that he did with my son was very effective and really worked!  Immediately I saw a vast difference in my sons ability to increase his range of motion and to use other parts of his body to compensate for strength. Everything that Dr. Dan taught us remains effective and he knows a lot more than just PT!! I highly recommend him as his personal touch and consistency are key.

-TANEISHA, Mother of Defensive Lineman

Dr. NGO is literally the absolute best Physical therapist I have been too in my life and trust me I have been to many. He really makes you connect body and mind so that you get complete care. It is like going to therapy because he really cares about you. It’s a safe space where you can heal from physical limitations and emotional limitations that are plaguing you’re body. I have really come a long way with his help and look forward to continuing this journey with him!!!

-Crystal, Rugby and very active

Danh is the best. He takes the time to truly listen and assess what is happening with your body, and creates a specialized plan to treat the source of the pain not just put a “band-aid” on it. I went to see him about my neck and shoulder and wanting to get better to play volleyball.  I have been so impressed by his knowledge and insight and his creative ways to treat my injuries. I highly recommend Danh!!

-karla, realtor and avid volleyball player

  • After almost 20 years of chronic lower back pain from a military related injury, I’m finally hopeful that living without pain is possible. Thank you Danh @ ReVITALize Rehab Club! I’ve had 6 sessions and received full 24hr support for any issues that come up. Great insight into root causes, and uncovering areas that need releasing and healing. Thank you Danh Ngo!!

  • Ok, where do I start with how good Dr. Ngo is?  It’s been over 6 months since I’ve been coming and have nothing but praise.  Three friends have seen the significant improvement with me and they are now also faithful and grateful patients!  We all are amazed with Dr. Ngo’s knowledge and understanding of the body.  As in life, he understands that ailments are much more complex then a simple fix.  He gets to the core of the issue and addresses and heals the vital issues at hand.  I am 51 years old, been a competitive athlete my whole life and have never had a Dr. or health professional with such knowledge, understanding and genuine care for his patients.  I have free coverage to see a PT with my HMO.  I tried that route many times but experienced no improvement or pain relief and was only told that I should get surgery for a hip replacement and take pain medicine.  Seeing Dr. Ngo has proven to me that surgery is not really needed but may even be worse for my health.  I am more then happy to pay out of pocket for Dr. Ngo’s services.  Is there any better place to spend money then on one’s health and well being?

    When I first started, I had trouble sleeping and was often taking pain medicine.  Now, I sleep peacefully and wake up energized and don’t have a need for pain meds.  I can’t thank him enough for a better quality of life for myself and family. Dr. Ngo is so good, that my wife who is a healthcare professional for an HMO has also decided to forgo their free services and start seeing him for her physical ailments that are surely related to her demanding job.  This HMO only offers the regular route of pain medicine, cortisone shots and surgery when they have no solutions with their limited knowledge and overwhelmed patient load.  We are so grateful and can’t thank Dr. Ngo enough for improving the quality of our lives.  Thank you isn’t suffice Dr. Ngo!

    -MARK, Dad and loves to spend time with his family

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