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Hi there, you are here because you want to stay mobile but your body or your doctor is telling you something different.  You are not willing to accept the thought of giving up your run, swim, bike or exercise of joy.  Great!  This is what ReVITALize Rehab Club has been praised and specialize in. 

Whether you are looking for Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, or Holistic Natural solution, we hope to explain in further details what we do and how we plan in making you more mobile, regardless what age, diagnosis, or what the MRI may tell you.  It is possible to have better alignment, posture, mobility, flexibility and strength. 

We have studied and helped numerous type of injuries – from spinal disc bulges, herniation, traumatic fractures, osteochondral issues, ligament and muscle tears, labral instability, sprain and strains, and nerve damage.  

The problem is that many places focuse on your muscle and joints as separate parts of your body.  The key is that we focus on getting your muscles and joints to work well together.  Complete and healing that last happens when we bring the fascia patterning, brain-body connection, and inside-out rebalancing.  Read below to find out.

Research Driven + Cutting Edge Medicine

Joint Restoration Therapy

Painful or joints caused by arthritis, trauma, work/sports related, or surgery itself, loses its ability to move in 3-D – twist, bend, straighten, and bear weight.  We provide…

Muscle (Fascia) Release Therapy

Injured and torn muscles loses its ability to relax, hold strength, and most importantly, work well together.  “Functional”  means that we target your fascia-muscle interface in positions specific to your goals – this is a gamechanger!

  • Trigger Point Therapy focuses on getting your muscles to relax.
  • Functional Cupping (click to see sample video)
  • Functional (Tool Assisted) Tension Release Therapy (click for sample A & B
  • Professional Sports Taping 
  • Scar tissue release therapy
  • Nerve-Muscle Rebalancing

Holistic Whole-Body Training

Your body works together in patterns.  Working a few muscles is good, but working the fascia patterns gets the job done better!  

Your body can only help you based on what is sees, feels, and thinks – YES, your brain is the boss of your body.

  • Mind-Body based training
  • Mind-Strength training
  • Yoga – Pilates based
  • Breath manipulation 
  • Unconventional training
  • Proprioception Training
  • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (click to read why the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MMA are using this)

We have been helping people like you since 2004. Our goal is to find what your mind-body responds best to. Everything will be addressed - including your eyes, ears, and navel!

Since 2012, we realize that when we addressed these 5 additional factors that NO ONE is looking at, it allowed us to help 1000's more people get LASTING relief.


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