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Hi there, you are here because you want to stay mobile but your body or your doctor is telling you something different. You are not willing to accept the thought of giving up your independence in mobility, walk, run, swim, bike, or exercise of joy.  Great!

Whether you are looking for Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, or Holistic Natural solution, we hope to explain in further detail what we do and how we plan in making you more mobile, regardless what age, diagnosis, or what the MRI may tell you. It is possible to have better alignment, posture, mobility, flexibility, and strength at all ages of 15 to 99!

We have studied and helped numerous types of injuries – from spinal disc bulges, herniation, traumatic fractures, osteochondral tissues, ligament and muscle tears, labral instability, sprain and strains, and nerve damage – the worst to the complex situations all can be recovered with the proper expertise, environment, and intentions.  We have seen it happen and you are no different!

Before you try to understand what we can do for you, we know true recovery or “healing” comes with a journey.  Your situation may have started with a sudden injury a week ago OR a decade battling a chronic discomfort, but this path you are embarking on is no different than the path to find love, success, or family – IT IS REALLY PERSONAL.

Our intention is to help you understand the services that fits YOU and your comfort.  We have been doing this for almost 2 decades, and this has allowed us to blend conventional with alternative perspectives so that it is integrative for your health!  The first gift we would like to give you is to sit down and give you the attention so we can deliver physical health success to you THAT LAST!

For immediate assistance, or to get a 2nd opinion of your problem, click on the button below to allow our Board Certified Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Specialist to guide you towards better mobility and function – NO COST!

What can we do for you?

We take on a holistic whole body approach.  You have two systems.  One system does the moving and another system to give you the energy fuel to move.  This is why we fix muscle and joint problems, but the nerves that help tell them how to move.

Then, we take it a step further to address your “RECOVERY SYSTEM”, the airway and digestive system.  These two systems are full of muscles and ligaments that need attention so they can deliver more oxygen, food nutrients, and blood supply to your muscles, tendons, joints, and spinal discs.  These are the key elements to heal!  

Because of this, we listed the SERVICES you will get with us, BUT you can  CLICK on the top “MENU >>SERVICES” to learn more about each specialty.

Move Better

certified speicalist
  • Rotational power
  • Running efficiency
  • baseball, golf, tennis

Recover Better

innovative and natural
  • Sleep obstruction Rehab
  • Digestive health Rehab
  • Functional medicine

Are you still looking to know more?

You are still having pain because you have either an issue with energy or pressure management.

Hear us out.

Everything we do is to help your muscles and joints to move well.  If you do not have the right fuel or amount of fuel, you cannot drive your car.  The same goes for your body’s muscles and joints.  We have helped countless of people that have gone to many places to realize they have a fuel problem!  The importance of sleep, respiration, and digestion are your fuel source.  Surgeons work on the structure.  Doctors work on the function.  Many are not making the connection that specialized Physical Therapist can fix the structure of the airway, digestive system, and other ignored parts of your body that are labeled as “movement muscles”.  Your airway and digestive systems are loaded with muscles and “structure” that can hold tension from daily living.

Our functional medicine perspectives allows us to understand if you are absorbing your food well to get the nutrients and healing minerals that the muscles and joints need to keep on moving!

Is it aging, or is it that you have not tuned up these “inside the body” systems.  Ever thought about looking under the hood of the human body and helping it?


As for pressure management, this implies your ability to produce the right amount of force for what you need to do. Not too much and not too little amount of force. The amount varies with each task and your body needs to understand this.   

For some of you, you might be stuck in a low-pressure pattern. That is why you may have tendonitis or muscle problems. Many are in a high-pressure pattern.  That is why your joints bother you and pop, click, and make noises.

If you cannot regulate between the two pressure systems, it could be the nerves, “check muscle sensors”, and/or the “computer-brain software” that is not communicating this. This is why we specialize in is vision, vestibular, and nervous system rehab.  

Everything matters. Your entire body matters to your rehab.  

Through it all, we believe there are a few MUST that the body needs to do: run, carry, and throw.  Your body is designed to do these to SURVIVE.  We were hunters and gatherers.  You need to chase your dinner, throw a spear, and carry your meal.  We have become obsessed about becoming an expert in these three MUST.  Hence, we are certified in golf, baseball, and running.

See, it all makes sense why we specialize in such services.  The good news is that you get it all!  One powerful system designed to improve your mobility, posture, stability, and strength.

We believe you can get better. It is a matter of finding the factors that are holding you back and developing a plan while showing a relentless dedication to your health.

We believe you can get better.  It is a matter of finding the factors that are holding you back and developing a plan while showing a relentless dedication to your health.


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