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Hi there, you are here because you want to stay mobile but your body or your doctor is telling you something different. You are not willing to accept the thought of giving up your run, swim, bike, or exercise of joy. Great! This is what ReVITALize Rehab Club has been praised and specialize in.

Whether you are looking for Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, or Holistic Natural solution, we hope to explain in further detail what we do and how we plan in making you more mobile, regardless what age, diagnosis, or what the MRI may tell you. It is possible to have better alignment, posture, mobility, flexibility, and strength at all ages of 15 to 99!

We have studied and helped numerous types of injuries – from spinal disc bulges, herniation, traumatic fractures, osteochondral tissues, ligament and muscle tears, labral instability, sprain and strains, and nerve damage.

What can we do for you?

We take on a holistic whole body approach.  Listed below are services you will get with us, BUT you can  CLICK on the top “MENU >>SERVICES” to learn more about each specialty.

Keep reading below if you desire to learn our general philosophy.

Move Better

certified speicalist
  • Rotational power
  • Running efficiency
  • baseball, golf, tennis

Recover Better

innovative and natural
  • Sleep obstruction Rehab
  • Digestive health Rehab
  • Functional medicine

We have been helping people like you since 2004. Our goal is to find what your mind-body responds best to.

We are not your typical Physical Therapy or Pain-relief clinic.  Here is our and hopefully your "winning" treatment philosophy.

WARNING: There is lots of reading ahead.  Your health is important and we feel that it is to your benefit if we do not shorten the one thing you are looking for in making a decision for your health - "What we can do for you?"  

What you may not have been told is that every Orthopedic and Sports Injury should make absolutely 100% sense - including yours.  You have a healing machine on your side, but if stretching and strengthening is not helping, there is always a sensible reason.

Your body is looking to survive first, move second.  This is why we look at you from a hierarchy of ancestral wisdom and medicine. 

You have two systems: muscle and joints (skeletal bone).  They need to work together.

Many places address on one or the other.  They manage it as separate units.  We emphasize and focus on making sure they work well together.  It's not the method that matters.  It is the understanding that will get you to the next level and past old nagging discomfort, unresolved tension, or pain.

First thing first, we need to give you some relief.  We will focus on giving you Specialist treatment to your joint and/or muscle complaint.

We look if the joint is sound and aligned to be loaded.  We analyze if your muscles can work well by itself and as a team.  This sounds simple but not executed well many good hearted places.  It's just that they are too busy and distracted.  We see 15 people per week so YOU have a winning advantage.

If you take a step back, you will realize that lower back pain is still on the rise.  Advanced cutting edge surgery and medicine has not slowed down the opioid epidemic.  There are more hips, shoulder, and knee replacement nowadays.  Common conditions like headaches, whiplash and chronic pain is still a mystery.


Since 2012, we realize that when we addressed these 5 additional factors that NO ONE is looking at, it allowed us to help 1000's more people get LASTING relief.


This was a gamechanger when we realize this.  We will be sharing this with you.

Muscles need nerves to work well.  So if you have an unresolved muscle injury, tendinitis or strain, we can help.

Nerves need lots of blood and oxygen supply to be healthy.  They need a clean filtration system (aka lymphatic system) to function well.  If you have any numbness or tingling that is not going away, we can help.

Many people benefit when we address the mechanical reason for their sleep apnea, difficulty breathing, and snoring.  They feel more energized.  It is not normal to wake up feeling tired.

Your visceral organs helps your body stay well.  It is your fuel system.  It is your filtration and sanitation system.  It helps you to breath and pump blood. Your organs has more priority over your muscles and joints.  This is why we specialize in Visceral Manipulation.  We gently restore mechanical tension within the the organs directly.

You can only heal as well as you recover.  Unfinished attempt of healing is what you feel in the morning when you wake up.  Stiff movements?  Congestion?  Moody?  Headache?

Lastly, if your brain decides 100% of your decisions and how you use your body, what makes you think your brain does not need a mechanical tune-up like every other parts of your body?  We can help.

History of concussion?  Ever been hit in the head or use your head to play soccer?  Ever been in a car accident?  You feel brain fog, low energy or having trouble concentrating?  Migranes?  Vestibular problem?  You can get better still with our specialty.


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