“Avoid Costly Mistakes And Learn 10 Proven Ways To Ease Back Pain Naturally… Without Painkillers, Bothering Your Doctor, Or Risking Surgery”

  • Are you scared that your back pain will lead to something serious?
  • Do you wish you can find 1-2 strategies that can reduce your back pain TODAY?
  • Have you been told to REST but your diabetes and heart problems cannot allow you to REST only, so you are conflicted?
  • Are you sick of painkillers and muscles relaxers that make you “loopy” and “out of it”?
  • Have you tried everything but nothing is working?

Save a copy of your report and end your frustration today from an expert that went through back surgery himself

A Personal Message From Leading Back Pain Expert, Dr Danh Ngo,

THIS REPORT is for the person suffering from the torment of Back Pain.

The type of “dull ache” or “sharp pain” where you get so frustrated that you feel your only option is to stop what you’re doing completely, reach for the painkiller drawer and wonder how long you’ll have to restrict your enjoyment of life – as you wait for the pain to go away.

The thing is, all those painkillers are not good for your stomach and the long periods of rest you’ve been told about, that’s not likely to be doing you much good either.  We have a solution for to fix your low back pain, including the stomach issues from the painkillers.

Over the last decade, I have taught many young physical therapists and enjoyed working on members aged 40+ find relief from acute AND chronic back pain – and what I can tell you is the unhealthy cocktail mix of more rest and more painkillers will do absolutely nothing to get to the root cause of most types of chronic back pain… no matter what most MD’s say!  The evidence proves that rest is only going to make you worse over the long haul.

ANY person aged 40+ can use these tips to relieve back ache or pain, naturally… and I want you to have it at no charge.  There are 3 questions I ask almost every members that walks into my door, because it provides me valuable insight into why most members back pain lingers.  If you answer ‘Yes’ to one of these 3 questions, then you do not have chronic back pain, you have a ‘fixable’ back pain.  Most members feel relieved when they understand this.  In fact, they can feel more frustrated, because their MD did not tell them this.  It’s not the doctors fault, they were never taught this in school.

The 10 tips are rooted in medical research and clinical tried and tested to help get you MOVING away from pain.  Now, I don’t know if these ten things will relieve you of your back pain completely but it is sure to reduce your tight muscles so you can begin to walk and enjoy the simple things, like NOT having stiff back pain when you wake up in the morning.  You have nothing to lose by reading this report.  It has to be better than spending another day “resting”, accepting it, thinking, “it’s your age”, or worse yet, masking it with painkillers.  HINT: It is not your age that is causing your back pain.  The key to the simple and quick back pain fix, it more in your control than you think.

The reason that I write this Special Report is due to the frustration of hearing the same story from members after members.  I did work at a clinic where I could not say what I wanted to say and help members like I needed to.  I risked getting in trouble on a consistent basis because I had to cater to insurance companies and MD’s preferences….the same MD that told me to tell people they had to play it safe.  I wrote this Special Report as a method to bring quality and quick information to help members.  I cannot get in trouble if they found it on the internet.  

If your back pain is affecting your job, your ability to keep active threatens your independence or hinders family leisure time… then you really need to read this free report.

I want you to imagine how life would be in five years from now if you DON’T get a grip on your back pain NOW. How will your back pain affect your job? Your preservation of self worth and your independence? Will you be a fun person to be with? Or, even live with? Ok, you get my drift…

It’s time to request my free tips report… do that by calling the clinic using
562-548-0876, or, click the orange button below and confirm your details.

There is a limited number of free copies of this report available – so please do it today.

Warm Regards and One Love,

Dr Danh Ngo PT, DPT, OCS, SCS

Holistic Spine and Sports Medicine Expert


“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Treatment At ReVITALize Rehab Club And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

“…My back ached, my arms ached, sciatica set in. ….Being a registered nurse, … I am skeptical of many things….I was able to come back in a relatively short period of time and resume the activity that made me happy and feel strong again…..”

~ Brenda, Nurse and Triathlete

“…Danh was able to ….address my instability from childbirth and a car accident. ….After working with him I was able to gradually increase my workouts until I ran a 5K along with a 10 mile bike ride and sprint a lap in the water.”

~ Denise, Avid Runner and Mother

“My back is way better! …I couldn’t stand or walk for no longer than 10 minutes….. I couldn’t sleep ….My goal was to be able to go to Disneyland with my family and walk around all day.Well… we went to Disneyland and I walked all day pain free….”

~Javier, Realtor and Father

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