The Importance of Stretching for Runners

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Whether you’re a seasoned runner or you’re just getting started, you need to understand the importance of stretching. Research shows that 50% of runners experience an injury every year that prevents them from being able to run. Many of these injuries can be avoided with a proper stretching routine.  Most runners know that you should always do some stretching before you leave … Read More

How to Overcome Hip Tightness

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Do you have tight hips? Hip tightness can have several negative effects on your well-being. First, it might cause you pain and inhibit you from doing your favorite activities. In some cases, hip tightness has dissuaded people from carrying out their exercise routine.  So, how do you deal with hip tightness once and for all? Below, we’ll get into various … Read More

Is Crossfit Bad for Your Shoulders?

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Did you know that compared to traditional weightlifters, CrossFitters are 1.3 times more likely to experience an injury? Most Crossfit injuries occur at the joints and spine, however, sometimes more serious injuries can occur.  In fact, serious health risks can incur due to excessive Crossfit work. Many of those injuries occur at the shoulder joint. So, is Crossfit bad for your … Read More

Calling All Runners: Do You Have Good Running Form?

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Whether you’re training for a half marathon or you simply enjoy hitting the pavement, running is a great form of exercise. Many people enjoy running as part of their daily routine.  However, it’s important to know that you can’t fully take advantage of the many benefits of running if you’re not following good running form tactics. Having good running form … Read More

How to Avoid Back Pain When Weight Lifting: 8 Top Tips

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Did you know that building up muscle is a great way to heal or prevent back pain? That’s right, having strong and flexible muscles can help prevent major injuries. The problem is that if you’re not lifting properly, you can actually cause pain and injuries in your back. This may seem counterintuitive, but the trick is making sure that you’re lifting weights the … Read More

Improving Mobility: Your Complete Guide

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Inhibitions to our mobility can be devastating. In most cases, though, it’s possible to retain most, if not all of our mobility and get back to a place where we can be functional and enjoy the ins and outs of daily life again.  We’re going to explore some ways of improving mobility in this article, giving you some insight into … Read More

Why should eye-hand coordination matter to your spinal tension?

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Eye-hand coordination is more than the idea of see and catch. What matters to most people is to move and to perform at a comfortable level. If you look at the brain, almost a third of your mind is dedicated to using your eyes! That should give you an idea of how vital your vision systems are. As a duel … Read More

Why Long Beach’s premiere Sports clinic is using blood flow restriction (BFR) training and how it can help you?

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There is conclusive evidence that Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training will help you tremendously. If you have any injuries that have not allowed you to do “real” sustainable strength training, this is a must read. As Long Beach’s most sought after Sports Medicine Physical Therapy professional, blood flow restriction training has been an important piece in helping triathletes, weightlifting enthusiasts, … Read More