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  • Are you tired and dread waking up to feel that nasty sharp heel pain?
  • Do you feel like there is more to your ankle and heel pain but cannot pin point it?
  • Have you been told to REST but your work or lifestyle won’t allow that?
  • Are you doing your stretches, changed your orthotic or shoes, and still finding little relief?



A Personal Message From Leading Spine and Sports Injury Expert, Dr Danh Ngo

THIS REPORT is for the person suffering from the torment of Ankle/Heel or Feet Pain.

You are probably wondering how a Spine Expert like me can be more effective than someone who treats ankle and foot only.  The answer to that brilliant question is that our legs are connected to our spine and pelvis.  *Teaser alert* The average steps we take per day is 10,000.  The spine controls whether these are good or bad steps.  Imagine 10,000 unhealthy steps per day can add up fast.  Being a sports injury expert who has to manage athlete’s feet, I understand how to help your feet get better without rest ONLY.

I understand the complexity of our feet and have heard many stories of people who tried stretching with no long term relief.  You have probably seen a Podiatrist to be told to wear expensive shoes but do not like the looks of these shoes.  Another alternative that they talk about is to cast or wear a bulky boot for the next 4-8 weeks.   You wonder if there are better options.

I encourage you to click on the orange button and get the must-read report to understand that there are many more options available that even a Podiatrist may not be aware of.   Do not wake up another morning dreading that first step especially if you got things to do immediately.  There are 10,000 reasons every day that you do not have to suffer.

Here is your chance to get a second opinion from a sports injury expert whose main job is to keep athletes moving.  Life is a sport and I can guide you in the right direction with information being the first step towards a better morning.

If your ankle/heel or feet pain is affecting your job, your ability to keep active threatens your independence or hinders family leisure time… then you really need to read this free report.

I want you to imagine how life would be two years from now if you DON’T get a grip on your ankle/heel or feet pain NOW. How will your pain affect your job? Your preservation of self worth and your independence? Will you be a fun person to be with? Or, even live with? Ok, you get my drift…


It’s time to request my free tips report… do that by calling the clinic using
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There is a limited number of free copies of this report available – so please do it today.

Warm Regards and One Love,

Dr Danh Ngo PT, DPT, OCS, SCS

Holistic Spine and Sports Medicine Expert


“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Treatment At ReVITALize Rehab Club And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

“I had an ankle sprain and Dr. Ngo was able to help me get back to coaching my gymnasts in a week.  I’ve sprained it in the past and no other PT has been able to aid in my recovery so quickly and effectively. …He goes above and beyond for his clients and his love for helping others is definitely seen in his work..!!

~Christina, Gymnastic Coach

“Love Dr.. Danh!  I have been to many physical therapists and his approach is unique.  He takes the time to listen to you…He also really, really, really understands the way the body works.  He uses this knowledge not to just treat your chief complaint but get to the root issue.”

~ Lynn, Mother of 3 boys 

“Dr. Danh is amazing. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his approach in treatments is what I’ve been looking for. It’s only been three visits and I already feel so much better.”

~Mario, Photographer

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