How to HEAL better.

How to Heal Better

This is the most overlooked part of medicine and performance training.  You can only exercise and progress as well as your ability to HEAL!  Exercise is a stimulus.  Drug is a stimulus.  Food is a stimulus.  They all impact your body physiology and chemically.  As pills have side effects due to the waste your body makes from taking them, exercise does the same, but in different magnitudes. 

Everything can be looked at as fuel management.  Muscles consume fuel.  Do you have a recurrent muscle tightness that you cannot shake off?  Do you feel like you have to foam roll daily, otherwise you feel stiff?  Hamstrings feeling tight?

Cartilage and bone needs nutrients to withstand activity.  Are you wondering how we can get someone with the worst “MRI” to their joints to run again without surgery?  HINT: It is a 4 letter word that starts with a “H”.

We pride in bring high excellent care.  Along the way, we realized sleep and digestive health are two ways to get more FUEL.  We started to address the structure and function of the sleep and gut.  

GUESS WHAT?  People stopped coming.  The got better and did not have the need to come for endless visits.  Is that what you desire?

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Learn more about sleep rehab
  • Do you want to stop snoring?
  • Do you desire to wean off of a sleep apnea machine?
  • Do you wake up tired, even after a long night of sleep?

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    learn more about digestion rehab

    • Do you feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating?
    • Do you have heartburn or constipation that no one has helped?
    • Do you believe you are not the same after having an abdominal surgery in the past, even c-section?

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