• Have you been told that you have “ROCK HARD” neck tension and massages help for the short-term?

  • Do you wish you can find 1-2 strategies that can give you shoulder and neck pain relief TODAY?

  • Are you worried about the look of that hump on the back of your neck?

  • Are you looking for long lasting relief from the neck pain from sleeping?



A Personal Message From Leading Spine Pain Expert, Dr Danh Ngo

If you are reading this and aged 40+, you must be looking to learn more about whether we have a neck pain treatment that is safe and gives lasting neck pain relief. 

Our e-Report called “3 Hidden Causes of Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain and 7 Simple Ways to Help Yourself (…Without Medications, Constant Stretching, and to AVOID surgery)” is a great first start in learning more about how to end your that occasional neck tension or chronic neck pain misery.

There are 2 types of neck pain that many people wish they knew not to drag out after the fact – when they got older.

  1. Crinks or kinks in the neck that comes and goes.  The reason for this is that research has shown this to be due to an underlying weakness that can lead to arthritis.  The muscle spasm in the neck is there for a good reason.  To protect your neck.  You have to be careful if you are getting frequent adjustments, as that has been shown to wear down your joints resulting in more arthritis.  I highly recommend you to read our e-Report if you get 2+ kinks or neck spasm per year.

  2. Neck pain from a car accident or trauma like being hit in the head.  This reason frustrates me.  I wish more of my medical colleagues made a big stink to you so you can realize the magnitude that it has on the aging of your neck spine. The saying you will not feel it until years later is very true.  Research has shown that trauma can shut down your neck muscles.  Your muscles protect your joints!  You might be walking around or worst sitting a lot at work without good joint support.  Your neck muscle spasm is for a good reason.  

I understand that you are tired of taking pain medications.  If you are doing generic exercises that are not giving you neck pain relief, the e-Report will make lots of sense to you.  I don’t really have to tell you that pain medications don’t get to the root cause of the problem and worst of all, all they do is mask the real cause of the pain.  


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Warm Regards and One Love,

Dr Danh Ngo PT, DPT, OCS, SCS

Holistic Spine and Sports Medicine Expert


“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Treatment At ReVITALize Rehab Club And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

“He took the time to thoroughly review her medical history …
We now have a treatment plan and feel that we are getting to the root of the problem. My wife and I are extremely grateful to Dr. Ngo.

~ Steve, Principal

“I value someone with not only the proper credentials but someone who is truly passionate about their field of practice, who is more there for you to help you live a stronger and healthier lifestyle then to “suggest” or waste your time out of your day and get nothing from it.

~ Devin S, Aspiring Firefighter

“Dr. Danh is the best! I came here after a whiplash car accident. I was originally sent to see a chiropractor…was just a temporary fix…I stuck with Danh, and my neck pain actually went away! Danh is so great…”

~Sam, Pediatric PT

You made it this far into the page.  We know you are still worried but need more information as you are looking to make the best decision in finding that shoulder and neck pain relief.  Maybe you have a diagnosis that worries you like fibromyalgia or complex nerve disorder.  We are here to support you.  Click on this link to our most popular 3 part blog series on How, Why, What, and a little bit more about Who we are so you can be absolutely 100% sure we are the place for you.  Another great resource is to follow us on our facebook as we have workshop design to explain why a diagnosis like fibromyalgia or any form of arthritis can still get great relief.  If you find these two helpful, feel free to circle back and get the e-Report as a final check-off to make sure we are right for you.  

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If you are agonizing over DAILY, ANNOYING, and NAGGING pain in your neck, the first thing I want you to know is that you are looking in the right place for real solutions. Why? Because your problem is something that I am more than familiar with especially if you have other pain associated with your neck tension i.e. arm pain/numbness/tingling, shoulder, low back, wrist, and/or a headache.  Your neck pain may be a sign that things are getting worse.  Reach out and read my e-Report on why I believe this.   100% of what we see are people with neck issues from disc, bone spurs, nerve injury, scoliosis, and arthritis.

You are not the only one that has no good relief after chiropractic manipulations or aggressive massages to rid of those rock hard knots.  Everyone has experienced neck tension or pain sometime in their life, including us.  We understand that your life is slowed down but you cannot so you push through it.  If you are a natural caretaker of people, do not feel like you have to take the rock hard burden on your shoulders by yourself.  We made this e-Report especially for you.

When was the last time you were able to watch and drive without worries?  I encourage you to read the report as it has helped many like you understand the complexity of your neck and shoulder pain especially if your pain is due to a whiplash.  If you are a female with the hump behind your neck, you don’t have to accept that look.  There are 7 natural solutions to your neck worries.

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