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Welcome to the “Where Is Your Pain?” page.  The intention for this page is to provide you quality expert advice so you can make the BEST decision for your concern.  There are two main questions people tend to ask when scrolling onto this page: What is going on with me? and How can I stop this pain TODAY?  Every report that we provide here is very dear to us and we hope it can help you.

Every report has something called a Hidden Reasons title except the DISC myths.  ReVITALize Rehab Club has been praised for helping people with hard to treat medical cases, especially when all testing have come back negative.  As modern medicine is losing the art of medicine and becoming more narrow viewed with specialty after specialty, many forget that the complex human body is connected and everything impacts everything.  This is where the holistic Physical Therapist comes into the picture in helping you and a BIG reason for having a negative MRI.  It is common for many to have a minor findings in a MRI but in lots of pain.  The report will reveal the hidden truth behind your pain.

We understand you are in pain so we added simple tips that will provide you some relief soon. If you need immediate pain relief attention, you can click on the orange button below to be contacted.  Once you fill out the simple quiz below, you get a complimentary and honest phone conversation with Dr Ngo so you can get the most out of the report.  Many have found this follow-up to be insightful in saving time and regaining that quality of life back (without medications or surgery).

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