Who is ReVITALize Rehab Club?

ReVITALize Rehab Club is built on the foundation that an injury does not have to dictate your life, especially if you have been told to take pain pills, rest often and “try something different” as you struggle with the idea of accepting being slowed down.


Our mission is to bring your physical goals to reality & to have fun doing it!

Pain and discomfort is a feeling that is getting in your way of doing something important, and more likely, meaningful that it brings you great joy and value.

ReVITALize Rehab Club goal is to bring you to that meaningful goal, while looking and helping you as a you.

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    Here is what you may have experienced and our solution for your needs.

    There are 4 things we can do to help you.

    • Be MOBILE with our Orthopedic solution so you feel your best.

      Is this you? Other places may have tried with good intention but lack expertise, attention, and custom plan, or you felt they did not listen to your needs.

    • Be ACTIVE with our Sports Medicine solution so you can go from simple mobility to training at the intensity you desire.

      Is this you? You are not alone if you felt you went to a well meaning place to get discharge at ‘okay’ and you desire more.  You may feel that you are better but now unsure how to resume your recreational or sports activity.

    • Be HEALTHY with our Holistic Medicine solution by healing you from the inside-out – gut, hormones and brain.

      Is this you? You may be active and working, but just wish you had more energy, sleep, or better mood.  You feel that there is something else that others cannot pinpoint in helping you feel healthy.

    • Be Mobile, Active and Healthy as many are signing up with our monthly or quarterly package.

      Is this you?  You want to do everything to get the most our of life.  You are active, mobile and healthy, but wish there was someone that can help put all three together and guide you to your ultimate health goals.

    Dr. Danh Ngo is the founder of ReVITALize Rehab Club and a highly sought after Physical Therapist (PT) because of his double specialty in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine – as only less than 1% of the PT in the country has the distinct awards.


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    Talk to a Physical Therapist first

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    Ask about cost or availability

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    What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About ReVITALize Rehab Club…

    Who We Are

    ReVITALize Rehab Club is founded on the principals of

    Who We Help (And What We Do…)

    We specialize in getting you mobile and active – Safe and Confident 

    • New to an activity
    • Desire to return back 
    • Desire to stay in the “game”

    Here are the activities we have expertise with.

    • New-to-Running
    • Trail Running
    • Marathon Running
    • Cycling
    • Triathalon
    • Swimming
    • Yoga
    • Bootcamp
    • High interval training
    • Kickboxing
    • MMA/Martial Arts
    • Power focus football
    • Agility focus football
    • Speed focus football
    • Returning-back B-Ball
    • Agility focus Basketball
    • Power focus Basketball
    • Lacrosse
    • Rowing
    • Ice-hockey
    • Ice-skating
    • Hyperflexible built – Gymastic
    • Hyperflexible built – Ballet
    • Bodybuilding
    • Powerlifting
    • New-to-CROSS-FIT
    • Active Crossfitter
    • Pitching Arm Care – Baseball
    • Hitting Focus – Baseball
    • Tennis
    • Returning Back – Soccer
    • Peak level Soccer
    • Returning back – Soccer
    • Hardest sport EVER – Parenting

    Where Are We

    3646 Long Beach Blvd Suite 106, Long Beach Ca 90807
    Appointments are pre-booked.
    Save your spot by calling 562-548-0876

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    3646 Long Beach Blvd Suite 106

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