How to Overcome Hip Tightness

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Do you have tight hips? Hip tightness can have several negative effects on your well-being. First, it might cause you pain and inhibit you from doing your favorite activities. In some cases, hip tightness has dissuaded people from carrying out their exercise routine.  So, how do you deal with hip tightness once and for all? Below, we’ll get into various … Read More

8 Effective Stretches for Loosening Up Tight Hips

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Does pain prevent you from doing the things you love? If your lower back, knees, or ankles are constantly aching, you could have tight hips. The number one cause of hip tightness is sitting still, a habit that is hard to avoid in today’s world.  If you spend many hours at a desk, in a car, or in front of the television, it’s important to make time … Read More

7 Tips for Dealing with Tight Hip Flexors

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tight hip flexors

About 80 percent of the U.S. population suffers from lower back pain at some point. Tight hip flexors may be part of the problem. Your hip flexors can be tight from sitting for long periods, jogging, and cycling.  Don’t let tight hip flexors ruin your exercise routine or make you uncomfortable. Here are seven tips to do with tight hip flexors. Are … Read More

3 Problems With Yoga Neck Stretches and 3 Fixes (Part 2)

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Neck pain can be worse than back pain for some people.  In a modern society where you have to look down and turn your head to drive, it annoyingly reminds us of the sharp neck pain.  As a Holistic Spine and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinic, we believe that neck pain is rarely an issue alone, but an underlying compensation … Read More

How to safely do yoga when dealing with neck pain (Part 1)

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The medical community is recognizing the power of yoga as a medium to enhance mobility and muscle flexibility.   Consumer Report magazine recently endorsed yoga as a proven alternative to back pain relief.  When it comes to neck pain relief,  as a Spine and Sports Medicine Physical Therapy clinic in Long Beach, we realize that our medical colleagues and doctors are slow to … Read More