How To Build a Superhuman (The ReVITALize Way)

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Comic book movies are the latest trend nowadays.  From the recent Captain America: Civil War to the X-Men: Apocalypse movie, viewers are shown that superhero come in all size and shapes, with powers of different magnitude.  I believe we can all become our own superhero or superhuman with the right tools and training. There are four steps during this process: … Read More

Catch-a-Lumbago, GO! (Part 1)

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What Pokemon have you caught lately?  Lumbago?  Stenosis-kachu? Herniation? Sciaticasaurus?  If you have not noticed, these are not Pokemon creatures but low back pain (LBP) diagnosis but with a Pokemon twist to it.  You can say the company has been reVITALized by this classic game series. I believe there are a few parallels between low back pain (LBP) care and … Read More

Diagnosis: Knee Banger Part 2 (The Fix)

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So you fell on your knee and you want to know how to help yourself to become reVITALized.  Part 1 of this series helped you to understand how the knee works and the relationship to your knee pain. Today, I will write about self-treatment techniques.  Let’s get technical and dive into the medical science. The pulley system was discussed in … Read More

Diagnosis: Marbles In My Foot

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Today I evaluated a patient with a diagnosis of neuroma, Morton’s neuroma to be specific.  My experience today is very fitting for my first clinical post.  It demonstrates the unfortunate, but all too common situation and downfall of today’s medical system.  Sue is a middle age minority who came to me with her husband as the translator.  She complained of pain … Read More

ReVITALize Rehab Club

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ReVITALize Rehab Club is a place dedicated to providing alternative options for people who are seeking an alternative to painkillers, medications, procedures, injections, and surgery.  The club is founded by Dr Ngo and his mission to changing the medical model by giving before taking…and to have fun while doing it.  We encourage and not discourage, hence our motto is to … Read More