How To Build a Superhuman (The ReVITALize Way)

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Comic book movies are the latest trend nowadays.  From the recent Captain America: Civil War to the X-Men: Apocalypse movie, viewers are shown that superhero come in all size and shapes, with powers of different magnitude.  I believe we can all become our own superhero or superhuman with the right tools and training.

There are four steps during this process: rebalancing, reset, reconnect, and rebuild.  If you have not checked out this club’s about page I talk about the five pillars of success.  S.K.I.E.S. allows us dream big and to achieve this goal of becoming superhuman.

Rebalancing is defined as restoring something to be “balanced”.  The main focus of this first step is to make sure our “inner” and “outer” core are intact and thriving.  East meets west.  Eastern medicine has been around for thousands of years and is a system that manages our internal health (Qi) .  This paradigm believes our organs plays a VITAL role in our health: liver , spleen, lungs, heart and many more.  Western rehab medicine including fitness world’s has been popularizing the concept of our “core” muscles.  It is VITAL for strength and movement.  What many don’t realize is that our organs are susceptible to age related changes like muscles and joints and could benefit from hands on work.  Our organs are the “inner” core.  Superhuman have super-organs.

Reset is step two.  When we are having a bad experience, don’t you wish you can reset and start over? Guess what? Our body has this amazing ability to be reset, joint and/or muscle.  The reset, when effective, allows our body this “window of opportunity” to be more effective in our intentions like training to become a superhuman.

Reconnecting.  This comes in the form of kinesthetic awareness and beliefs.  I hinted in one of my Facebook posts that improving neck pain requires changing the perception of pain and the ability to move.  The main goal is to reconnect the brain and body.  Some can say mind and body.  This methodology is a powerful tool in combating chronic pain, our arch nemesis.  In the recent Batman vS Superman movie, Superman, a man of great power, had to overcome his own doubts in order to fight the bad guy.

Rebuild.  This is the fun part.  What powers do you have or want to get better?  Spidey sense?  Daredevil’s fighting skills?  Do you want to be Super grandma and be able to have more energy than your own grandchildren?  All-star pitcher with a wicked curveball?  This last step is where working hard and LIVING smart will pay off.  You can build the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the finesse of Bruce Lee.  Dream big.  What one forget is that Superhuman do get banged up from time to time.  They don’t have winless record but what they do have is relentless desire to fight on.  So do not let life drag you down.  Superhuman will win in the end but with great powers come with great responsibility.  Are you ready to become a superhuman?