Our promise to understand.

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We would like to start with us saying that “I promise to understand”.

We cannot say that we understand what some are feeling, because to truly understand, you have to be able to relate. BUT we know there are many people of all race, color, sex, and such are feeling hurt, pain, and deathly afraid.

The death of George Floyd did take our breath away for a brief moment but at least it was briefly. Someone lost a life. A son. A friend. A person.

Going back to our promise…

We have not lived your life and felt the joys and suffering of your life and this is why we can only try to learn more about you. We can try to understand you deeper, past your skin, social media posts, clothes, house, and the car that you drive.

We can agree that you are a human being with desires, goals, thoughts, and dreams. You need oxygen, warmth, food, water, and shelter to live. Some of you do not have the basics and we see that you have the strength to survive.

If you have been following us, we say that there is ONE key thing that is more important than wealth, health, and such. That one thing is to feel important and heard.

Everyone has their own experiences that influence their beliefs and thoughts. This turns into decisions and then actions.

Changing beliefs takes years and even generations. Due to this idea, we know it is important to allow conversations to happen that revolves around you.

This is why we promise to provide a space for you to talk without judgment.
We became a medical professional to “do no” harm and we know bias can impact care. This is why we promise to understand.

Research shows that when people are oppressed and not given a medium to express their thoughts and feelings, they have more pain. Pain that is deep within that pills won’t fix.

At ReVITALize Rehab Club, we can promise to give you our world so you can be 1% more at ease to share.

The ability to talk and communicate as a person ist the true essence of being a human. This is what makes people feel important. It is what allows s to shift towards recovery and regenerative state of healing.

We give you the most valuable thing in life. We give you our time. We hope that he many people we helped can support his one statement. Either way, we promise to understand you.

If you are suffering from pain or unwanted stiffness, do not wake up hoping that it will go away. If you feel like no medical professional is hearing you, we promise to give you the time to feel heard.

Allow your healing to start with a free consultation from us. Our gift so you can start doing what matters to you!


Danh Ngo PT, DPT, OCS, SCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

Certified Advanced Movement Specialist – RockTape

Mind Body Health Results Coach

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