ACL 101: How to Be The Last One Standing (ACL Rehab)

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“Pop” and your knee swells up.  You are worried because you have never felt this before to your knee.  Your knee does not feel right and it hurts to put weight on it.  The worst thoughts run through your head a mile a minute.  Do I need surgery?  What just happened and will I be okay?  Let me reassure you … Read More

4 Things You Didn’t Know Are Making You Sick

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Here is an article written by Talia King. This is a special article that highlights the many factors one need to consider when trying to find the root cause of an illness. Our habits and lifestyle are minor or major reasons, but when left unaddressed, it could be the things that are making you sick last longer than you would … Read More

Our promise to understand.

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physical therapy for lower back pain

We would like to start with us saying that “I promise to understand”. We cannot say that we understand what some are feeling, because to truly understand, you have to be able to relate. BUT we know there are many people of all race, color, sex, and such are feeling hurt, pain, and deathly afraid. The death of George Floyd … Read More

Our story (continued)

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(story continued from above)…Forward 2012, my wife and I were blessed with our first child. We were happy and enjoying our new family, but realized something was wrong with our son. He was labeled with the diagnoses of eczema. This is a common condition nowadays that many doctors uses medications (steroids) to patch up the symptoms. I knew there are … Read More

3 Tips on How to Get Better Sleep With Lower Back Pain

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lower back pain sleeping

Sleeping is important.  There are many conclusive studies that show how important sleeping is from anti-aging to injury recovery.  The problem is that when you have lower back pain (this article will apply if you have neck or upper back tension and muscle spasms), there is no one size fit all answer to getting our beauty sleep. So what should … Read More

Essential Oil 101: Rosemary

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Many know that Rosemary is a culinary herb but unaware of its medicinal purposes like pain relief, cognitive boost, and for anti-aging skin care.  Rosemary, also known as Rosmarinus officinalis, has been dated all the way back to the Romans, Egyptians, and ancient Egyptian civilization.   There is a myth where the Virgin Mary is said to have spread her blue cloak over a … Read More

How to Prepare For Cyber Monday Olympics (Neck + Arm Event)

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Cyber Monday is becoming a bigger phenomenon in our modern society as we shift towards the internet of things.  Smartphones have hyper-drive cyber Monday even busier, however, our bodies are not designed for spending hours on the small phone devices or at a desk looking for these deals. This article will dive into 3 exercises that are designed to help … Read More