3 Easy Tips On How to Love Your Liver

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What would you give for an effective and reliable “right hand” assistant?  Behind every great leader or CEO, there is an assistant that keeps the day organized and “flowing”.  In “Welcome to Our “Right Hand”, the Liver”, I used this analogy to explain our liver Qi in eastern medicine.  Our liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi.  When … Read More

Welcome to Our “Right Hand”, The Liver!

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When a company or a leader does well, there is usually an assistant that does all the grunt work.  Overworked and underpaid like Andrea “Andy” Sachs from the movie “Devil Wears Prada.”  This does not always have to be the case and should not.  The “right hand” can perform much better when one feels their work is appreciated and important.   … Read More

Welcome Our Governor, Mr Heart!

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The human heart in western medicine is considered a pump. The heart pumps blood out through arteries to the tissues, muscles, organs in your body, delivering oxygen and nutrients. Waste gets back to your heart through the veins.  The heart pumps it out again to your lungs in exchange for more oxygenated blood that is then delivered throughout the entire … Read More

How To Train Your Spleen Into A Yogi! (Part 1)

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Traditional chinese medicine talks about the importance of each organ and its relationship with each other.  One organ feeding and working off each other to produce vitality.  This is utmost important when becoming a superhuman!  Each organ pairs up with another organ that it works best with.  The spleen’s partner is the stomach.  In “Welcome To The Ballgame, Mr Spleen!”, … Read More

Welcome To The Ballgame, Mr. Spleen!

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Spleen is the major organ to produce Qi. Qi is basically your energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a paradox, simple yet complicated. Simple in that its is all about balance, yin and yang. Complicated since TCM is a system that believes all organs work together for that balance for optimal health and emotional well being.