3 Easy Tips On How to Love Your Liver

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virtual-office-asstWhat would you give for an effective and reliable “right hand” assistant?  Behind every great leader or CEO, there is an assistant that keeps the day organized and “flowing”.  In “Welcome to Our “Right Hand”, the Liver”, I used this analogy to explain our liver Qi in eastern medicine.  Our liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi.  When you have liver dysfunction, it usually starts with a disruption of qi.  Early signs and symptoms include frustration, anger, or depression.  When the assistant is overworked, and even worst, under appreciated, the assistant becomes angry and resentful.  There is a saying “it is hard to find good help”.  A good leader can make an average assistant better if the leader understands how to capitalize on the assistant’s strengths.  The bond can be stronger if the leader decides to invest in the relationship.  To go back to my eastern medicine explanation of the liver, this is the right time to take care of your liver so you can avoid more severe problems in the future. Meditation, yoga, and exercise are perfect examples to help resolve a little disruption in the flow of qi in your liver.  Nurture the bond between you and your “right hand” and everyone will succeed.

liv-2-moving-between-xingjian-acupuncture-points-1When your liver qi is stagnant and not being treated properly, a more severe condition will develop called liver heat or fire. Symptoms may progress to irritability, anger, dizziness, headaches, and insomnia. Some may even get bad breath or a bitter taste in the mouth. This type of bad breath will not go away with using mouthwash or brushing your teeth. At this point, simple exercise or meditation will not do the trick anymore. Usually some acupuncture treatment combined with herbal treatment will be the appropriate method to resolve the liver fire. A simple acupuncture point can help you calm the liver fire down. This point is called Xing Jian (LV2),and is located on the upper part of your foot between your first and second toe. Massage the point and it should feel tender or heavy. Massaging the point for 5-10 minutes can help you calm the liver.

Aromatherapy is also a good way to help regulate your liver qi and calm the liver. Lavender can help your liver qi flow, while lavandin can calm the liver fire down. Tarragon and rose are also two powerful options to help smooth your liver qi.  If you do not treatment at a earlier stage, liver qi stagnation will lead to something more severe and will usually lead to the dysfunction in other organs.  If our “right hand” assistant becomes pissed off on a consistent basis, you can bet that he or she will make the department/group stink up with their bad negative energy.  Regular maintenance with a healthy diet, exercise, and positive mood is the best way to keep your liver healthy.

We understand you might not have time to meditate or exercise immediately.  This takes practice for the habit to pay dividend.  For another short term solution, supplements via teas can help you soothe and calm your liver. For example, when suffering from mild symptoms, drinking Teatox Life tea can help treat liver qi stagnation. Teatox Life tea is a liver detox tea with dandelion root, milk thistle, licorice for organic herbal cleanse formula as liver detoxifier, flush and health. The herbs in the tea enter your liver channel and help clear the liver with its cooling characteristics. While this tea can help you get by when you are only having mild symptoms, we strongly recommend you to seek medical professions to get to the root of your problem.

If you are interested in a FREE 1-on-1 consultation with our expert practitioner, email us and we would love to hear your story and organize a detail plan to get you back on track.  One Love.

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