ACL 101: How to Be The Last One Standing (ACL Rehab)

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“Pop” and your knee swells up.  You are worried because you have never felt this before to your knee.  Your knee does not feel right and it hurts to put weight on it.  The worst thoughts run through your head a mile a minute.  Do I need surgery?  What just happened and will I be okay?  Let me reassure you … Read More

ACL Rehab 101: The Breakdown on How Not to Break Down (The What?!)

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ACL tear is a common sports and orthopedic injury that I want to spend some time simplifying.  So you just had ACL surgery or injured it and need to know everything to succeed?  What is your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and what is its role in knee care? Who is at risk?  How do I prevent an ACL tear?  I … Read More

3 Knee Arthritis Exercises Prescribed by a Knee and Sports Medicine Rehab Specialist

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The knee architecture is deceiving in my journey of helping people stay active when dealing with knee pain.  Although the knee is simple in design it relies on your whole body to capture the functionality of the knee.   What I mean to say is that the knee is a victim of how you use your whole body: ankle/foot, hips, pelvis, spine, shoulder, head/neck and inner ear system.

ACL 101: Common 6 Pitfalls of ACL Care (When Avoiding Surgery)

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This article is my latest continuation of the ACL 101 series.  ReVITALize Rehab Club is designed to simplify the medical jargon so every member can be empowered in their own care.  Social media and medical information in the internet are notorious for giving snippets of fitness and medical care and I want to bridge that gap so every member can … Read More