The Importance of Stretching for Runners

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Whether you’re a seasoned runner or you’re just getting started, you need to understand the importance of stretching. Research shows that 50% of runners experience an injury every year that prevents them from being able to run. Many of these injuries can be avoided with a proper stretching routine.  Most runners know that you should always do some stretching before you leave … Read More

How to Get Rid of Joint Pain and Stiffness

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About one in five American adults experience chronic pain. That’s about 50.2 million people across the US. Lost productivity due to chronic pain has reached $300 billion annually, too. In fact, chronic pain is now among the most common chronic conditions in the company. If you’re struggling with joint pain and stiffness, you’re not alone. You don’t have to keep living with … Read More

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Physical Therapist for Your Injury

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Are you in need of physical therapy? Choosing a physical therapist can be a hassle, but there are no cutting corners when it comes to your health. Contrary to popular belief, not all physical therapists are the same. While the general goal of a physical therapist is to help you rehabilitate an injury, they may vary in specializations and treatments. … Read More

How to Overcome Hip Tightness

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Do you have tight hips? Hip tightness can have several negative effects on your well-being. First, it might cause you pain and inhibit you from doing your favorite activities. In some cases, hip tightness has dissuaded people from carrying out their exercise routine.  So, how do you deal with hip tightness once and for all? Below, we’ll get into various … Read More

ACL 101: How to Be The Last One Standing (ACL Rehab)

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“Pop” and your knee swells up.  You are worried because you have never felt this before to your knee.  Your knee does not feel right and it hurts to put weight on it.  The worst thoughts run through your head a mile a minute.  Do I need surgery?  What just happened and will I be okay?  Let me reassure you … Read More

ACL Rehab 101: The Breakdown on How Not to Break Down (The What?!)

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acl tear

ACL tear is a common sports and orthopedic injury that I want to spend some time simplifying.  So you just had ACL surgery or injured it and need to know everything to succeed?  What is your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and what is its role in knee care? Who is at risk?  How do I prevent an ACL tear?  I … Read More

Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries as You Age

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Adults lose 10% of their strength and endurance every decade after the age of 30. They experience a 30% decline in muscle power each decade, too. As a result, seniors experience decreased physical function, which often leads to falls and injuries. In fact, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds. You don’t have to … Read More

Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Hip Tightness and Pain

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The adult human body is an amazing machine made up of 206 bones and over 600 muscles connected by tendons, tissue, and ligaments. But when one part of the machine isn’t working, it can prevent the other parts from working too. If you are experiencing hip tightness, you know this all too well. Tight hips can cause lower back pain, hamstring stiffness, … Read More

Knee Pain and Running: What’s the Connection?

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Knee pain is such a common occurrence that many runners see it as an inescapable consequence of good health. In reality, basic preventative and treatment measures can keep even the most active runners pain-free and running longer. There is a strong connection between knee pain and running, but knee pain most often comes simply from overuse and poor preparation. If you struggle with … Read More

Is Crossfit Bad for Your Shoulders?

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Did you know that compared to traditional weightlifters, CrossFitters are 1.3 times more likely to experience an injury? Most Crossfit injuries occur at the joints and spine, however, sometimes more serious injuries can occur.  In fact, serious health risks can incur due to excessive Crossfit work. Many of those injuries occur at the shoulder joint. So, is Crossfit bad for your … Read More