Calling All Runners: Do You Have Good Running Form?

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Whether you’re training for a half marathon or you simply enjoy hitting the pavement, running is a great form of exercise. Many people enjoy running as part of their daily routine.  However, it’s important to know that you can’t fully take advantage of the many benefits of running if you’re not following good running form tactics. Having good running form … Read More

10 Possible Reasons Why You Have Extremely Tight Hip Flexors (and What to Do About It!)

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10 Possible Reasons Why You Have Extremely Tight Hip Flexors

Do the front of your hips feel tight or achy? Maybe your chiropractor or physical therapist has told you that you have tight hip flexors, but what does that even mean? Extremely tight hip flexors not only affect your hip joints but your back and knees. Continue reading to learn the possible causes of your tight hip flexors and how … Read More

How to Avoid Back Pain When Weight Lifting: 8 Top Tips

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Did you know that building up muscle is a great way to heal or prevent back pain? That’s right, having strong and flexible muscles can help prevent major injuries. The problem is that if you’re not lifting properly, you can actually cause pain and injuries in your back. This may seem counterintuitive, but the trick is making sure that you’re lifting weights the … Read More

8 Effective Stretches for Loosening Up Tight Hips

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Does pain prevent you from doing the things you love? If your lower back, knees, or ankles are constantly aching, you could have tight hips. The number one cause of hip tightness is sitting still, a habit that is hard to avoid in today’s world.  If you spend many hours at a desk, in a car, or in front of the television, it’s important to make time … Read More

4 Factors Causing Your Neck Pain From Running (Part 2)

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hamstring anatomy

Running is an exercise that many people go-to due to the convenience and cost-effective aspect of the sport.  Holistic Sports Medicine Physical Therapist in Long Beach, Dr Danh Ngo dives into what makes the neck vulnerable when running in Part 1.  This article, we detail a neglected system that is important for recovery after a run.  We have seen 100’s … Read More