Knowing your Sciatic nerve anatomy to help your sciatica nerve pain.

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There are numerous articles and many more videos of people showing you how to help your sciatica nerve pain. Many of these articles briefly glance over the anatomy. The problem is that anatomy and functionality is the most important part in ridding your sciatica nerve pain. As a Spine and Sports Medicine Specialist in Long Beach, California, we have helped … Read More

7 Tips in helping your Lumbar Facet Syndrome

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golf and lower back pain

When you are having lower back pain, the unknown of what you are dealing with can be frustrating. The list of diagnosis in what it can be is long and google does not help you feel reassured. As the only Physical Therapist in Long Beach with a triple specialization in Sports Medicine, Spine, and Functional Medicine, we have seen 1000’s … Read More

Everything you need to know about your hamstring anatomy, movement, and injury from a Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Specialist.

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hamstring anatomy

We are starting a comprehensive guide to helping you to understand your body from a movement and Orthopedic science perspective. Your Hamstring Muscles are on the top 5 muscles of a misunderstood muscle group in your body. We are starting a comprehensive guide to helping you to understand your body from a movement and Orthopedic science perspective. Your Hamstring Muscles … Read More

Five important facts you need to know when choosing a Physical Therapy for lower back pain.

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physical therapy for lower back pain

You have lower back pain and it does not feel good. You need a professional that can help makes sure you feel better and that it will not come back. Your family or friend have told you about their amazing Physical Therapy experience so you are looking for your perfect lower back pain rehabilitation experience. This article will help you … Read More

What is Visceral Manipulation and do you need it to help your stiffness or pain?

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visceral manipulation

If you desire to stay active, you will most likely deal with a sports injury, arthritis, or discomfort at some time.   Whether your pain or stiffness is coming from a muscle, tendon, joint breakdown, or cartilage damage like a meniscus tear, all musculoskeletal issues require three important factors in helping your body to heal.  The three factors that your doctors are … Read More

3 Tips on How to Get Better Sleep With Lower Back Pain

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Sleeping is important.  There are many conclusive studies that show how important sleeping is from anti-aging to injury recovery.  The problem is that when you have lower back pain (this article will apply if you have neck or upper back tension and muscle spasms), there is no one size fit all answer to getting our beauty sleep. So what should … Read More