How to Move Better.

Our job is to get the most out of your “human body” and enjoy it at the same time.  There are TWO things we love to develop and bring forth: ROTATIONAL POWER and RUNNING EFFICIENCY.

You need both to survive.  Think about what it takes to hunt.  You need to run and throw a spear to hunt.

To harness rotational power at the highest level, you need to have sound fundamentals and health to your muscles, joints, nerves, and whole-body.  You know we are a holistic Physical Therapy Specialist.  Everyone we help gets some form of rotational power development since it is one root cause of slowed mobility, strength, or stability.  

Due to this, we have become an expert in rotational sports of baseball, tennis, and golf.

Along the way, athletes all over have referred other athletes that have asked us to help them to be better runners.  We have been quietly been sought out to help many run their first marathon or 5K.

BTW. If you are wondering why we put vestibular rehab in our “performance section”, this is the new frontier in modern sports science.  You cannot move well without a healthy vestibular system!


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