How To Turn Your Spleen Into A Yogi! (Part 2)

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Silhouette Of A Fitness Woman Exercising Yoga Meditation ExercisesThis article is a continuation of “How To Turn Your Spleen Into A Yogi! (Part 1)” where I discussed tips on helping your spleen be happy and healthy.  A healthy spleen is dependent on what and how we eat.  A happy spleen is dependent on our emotions and how we process and filters our information.

Part two summarizes tips that has worked for me in managing the emotional aspect of my spleen.  Stress is important for progression as long as it does not consume us.  Read “Let The Lion Eat Me” to understand how our body reacts when managing pain with stress.


1. Build in journaling as part of your routine. Studies and multiple neurobiologists have written chapters on how journaling with a pen and paper has been shown to be beneficial to our brain and body. It can be game changing when you start and end the day writing down a small goal for the day and things that you are grateful for.  I believe it is common for us to “live in our head” to much, telling ourselves “I should” and “I am (bad label of ourselves)”.  It is important to let our thoughts out so we can overcome our inner head “demons”.   Make the goal simple in order to start a habit: journal 3 days out of the week and build upon that once you gain momentum.

screen-shot-2014-05-08-at-6-07-30-pm2. Utilize technology. The modern world has allowed us to make our lives easier with apps.  “Lighten” up your day with apps that helps us to make checklist, inspire us with quotes, and journaling.  My favorite app that I recommend a lot is the “5 minute journal.”  A quick tip when making a checklist is to keep the task simple and specific.  An example is “Smile 10 times a day…when I am at work in front of my boss,” instead of “Enjoy work more”.

A recommended goal for the first 21 days is to be consistent with your ‘5 minute journal’ entry.  It takes 21 days to start a new habit.

3. Take intentional rest breaks.  This is important if you have stressful work and home lives and you do not want to compound your stress so that you are suffering by the day end.  This can be a reason why many have a hard time falling asleep.  My favorite advice is to drop by a favorite relaxing place for 5 minutes and enjoy the scenery.  A park is a great starting place.  You can get out of the car and take a gentle stroll or stay in the car do some nice breathing.  Do not feel guilty because you deserve it after a long day of work.  You will come home and be a better mother, father, partner, etc.  Take a challenge to close your eyes and listen to how many sounds you can hear during this 5 minutes of solitude.

410tyz52irl-_sx327_bo1204203200_4.  Meditate.  This method has been shown to be a good anti-aging tool.  It helps to clear our mind and allow us to perform at a higher level.  Schools and sports teams are incorporating this technique now with astronomical success.  Eastern medicine talks about how our heart Qi controls our other organ.  If we tame our head, then we have a better chance of boosting our spleen Qi.  For more details about the heart-spleen relationship, read “Welcome Our Governor, Mr Heart!”. My favorite book that has made the thought of meditation less “preachy” and “relatable” is “10% Happier” by Dan Harris.  I highly recommend the audiobook because Dan Harris is in the media.  His ability to make a boring topic entertaining was refreshing.  I actually looked forward to my car rides to hear what he had to say. The journey of learning how to control your mind will be lifelong.  Take the challenge and read the book.  If it speaks to you, then spread the word.

I hope these tips help in managing the “easier said then done” stress.  Please comment below in what works for you so others can learn.  Lets help each other boost our spleen and fight pain head on!   Don’t forget to read “How to Train Your Spleen Into a Yogi (Part 1)” where I talk about other ways to boost our spleen Qi.


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