3 Hidden Signs That Your Body Needs to Recover From The Grueling School Year

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119045112_2757491_stydIt’s that time of the year when educators are celebrating that the school year is over and/or summer break is here.  I have many wonderful and passionate educators as close friends and they take pride in their craft, including my wife.  At this time, teachers reflect on the year to see where the breakdowns went or what can be done better.  I love this habit as many successors in any industry do this on a routine basis.

As educators take this time for self improvement and recharge their emotional and spiritual side, many all too often ignore their physical side.  Prolong standing can have a negative effects on your muscles, joints, and anything that needs to work against gravity.  The constant need to fight gravity and the daily grind results in an overuse syndrome due to fatigue.  Cornell University has calculated that “standing requires ~20% more energy than sitting”.  Many of the complications come from prolonged standing (more than 60% of a work day) that is repeated several times a week.  The key to countering this phenomenon is to stay moving combined with a fitness routine that matches with your work requirements.  The key word is “routine that matches” what your body needs to go through to reduce your chances of having lower limb swelling, varicose veins, back and leg pain.  Coronary heart disease and arthritis can also be worsened by standing for long periods.  If you are worried about this and would like to have a personal dialogue with an expert medical professional, click on the blue button below.


Ok…..(worried)…..What can I do?  The answer to this question is dependent on what your true needs are.  ReVITALize Rehab Club prides in a test and treat philosophy.  This ensures maximal effectiveness of your time.  Hey…time is valuable and all too many stretch without purpose.  This article will talk about how to test and next article will talk about how to manage it so you can enjoy your summer without worries.  It takes 4-8 weeks for your body to change.  This will allow your mental and physical side be ready for the next school year….if you are even thinking about that.


1. Testing the health of your veins and lymphatic system: When you wake up that a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your ankle.  Use the tip of the two bony landmarks on each side to be consistent.  Mark it if you can.  At the end of the day, repeat and if you notice a increase in this number over 0.5 cm then you need to start addressing the health of your heart and lymphatic system.


2. Fascia System:  Stand with your feet together.  Keep your knees straight and see how far you can bend without bending your knees.  Go slow because the knees can bend very easily.  This test the health of your back fascia line.  Fascia helps to tie together your muscles for optimal movement.  The back fascia line tends to stiffen up and cause stress to your low back, neck and knees.  If you are short of touching the ground, then next article will address this issue.


3. Feet health: Our feet are the base of support and senses the environment (ground) for our bodies to react.  Get a tennis ball.  Place the ball at your heels.  SLOWLY roll the tennis ball from heel to big toe.  Repeat but to your other four toes.  If it is tender or feels really good, this is a sign that your body needs this.  If you have trouble coordinating this roll, then your coordination needs work.  The good news is that this test can be used as a treatment technique.  Do this 10 reps on both legs.


If you need further evaluation so you can feel safe that your body is ready for your summer travels or you want the most out of your recharge time by September, click on the blue button for a complimentary session with Dr Danh Ngo.  It takes 4-8 weeks of physical nurturing to reshape our body, age well, or alter the course of any ailments.  Now is the time to take that first step so you have time left to enjoy summer!  One LOVE!

Please SHARE this article to any educators you know.  I am deeply appreciative for your dedication to our youth and I hope to repay the service by tuning up your body (and mind).