3 Tips That Will Help You or Your Child’s Upcoming School Year

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It is that time again.  Back to School.  While everyone is scrambling to get school supplies, parents and students forget about keeping our body in tip top shape to withstand being squished in those school desk and chairs.  The boom bust cycle of being active during summer to slow down to a turtle’s pace can be just as bad for our body.  Below are three concepts and tips to help get better grades, enjoy the school year and be healthy.

Posture tends to get sacrificed and this impacts our IQ and internal health like circulation and oxygen use.  A study demonstrated that a straighter spine improved one’s ability to map new experiences and memory.   A similar study showed the same results of improved objects of cognition based on our body’s positioning.  My wife is an educator and she loved using Amy Cuddle’s 2012 Ted Talk for herself and to empower students to find ways to enhance their days.  


Cuddle educates the idea of training and using a “power posture” for just two minutes each day to boost our mood, resiliency for new experiences and changing our chemical makeup from outside in.   We have less stress hormone with a power posture.  School curriculum is intense nowadays that this simple idea can help reduce the higher rates of anxiety in the younger generation.   Click on the image to watch the video.

ReVITALize Rehab Club blends principles of eastern medicine like Qi with western medicine’s concept of strengthening for vitality. Qi is dependant on circulation.  There is nothing that can benefit from having our rib cage collapse forward thus not allowing our lungs and heart to feed and nourish our body to move.  The slouched posture habit is a mini habit that will not force permanent change but big trauma like a car accident or playing soccer may be the trigger to start a slow beginning for fascial tension aka scar tissue around the lung and heart region.  When organs or tissues cannot stretch and move, it will result in future dysfunction based on how you or your child perceives his experiences.

For an intro to this idea of mini and macro trauma resulting in us to age in chaos, read my article “The Circle of Life“.  Research has shown that we are not that fragile, but if there is an emotional fragility or not enough time in between stressful experiences, our body will make this fascial tension and posture to be a weak link in your body.   If you or your child has digestive, respiratory, or anxiety, along with poor posture, there is more that you can do to work easier to sit and stand up tall.  Click on the blue button for a quick chat with a spine and holistic specialist.


Ok, let’s start with 3 tips that will improve your internal and external health.

2017-08-19 (3)1.Jumping Jacks:  I’m bringing back the

gym class basics.  Do 15-20 per session and aim for 3 times a day.  If you are a parent, try to encourage by participating along with your children to do this before getting into the car and before dinner.  If they chose not to do their homework then have them do this instead.   The homework will come when the body has more oxygen.  Watch my video on how to do it the right way and why I encourage jumping jacks to protect our spine and knees (this is against what you may have heard)Massage Your Feet.

2.Massage Your Feet While Standing on Mother Earth: 

The reason for standing on grass or dirt (which your child will like and you will get brownie points for) is based on the concept of grounding.   The Earth is an electrical planet, and you are a bioelectrical being living on an electrical planet. Your body functions electrically. Your heart and nervous system are prime examples.  Google “grounding” for more information or wait for an upcoming article on this.

Our feet are the base of support and sense the environment (ground) for our bodies to react.  Get a tennis ball.  Place the ball at your heels.  SLOWLY roll the tennis ball from heel to big toe.  Repeat but to your other four toes.  If it is tender or feels really good, this is a sign that your body needs this.  If you have trouble coordinating this roll, then your coordination needs work.  The good news is that this test can be used as a treatment technique.  Do this 10 reps on both legs.



3. Practice the POWER POSE.  I will reference the picture below and the TED talk video. click on the picture for a bigger version of this image

photo credit: https://tedconfblog.files.wordpress.com/2013


This is how you can improve your mind, stay strong, boost your mood, and not sacrifice your health.  Your body should see changes in 3 weeks and not have pain while doing these 3 tips.  If you do then it is a perfect time to ask for help.  Reach out to Dr Ngo for a quick diagnosis and a plan of recovery by clicking on the blue button below.


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