3 Ways Teachers Can Help ReVITALize Their Body….and Have Fun Doing It Too

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Would it be nice to have that peace of mind that you can move like these children and dog?  After all, you spent more than half the year nurturing young minds and now your feet feels tired, knees might be stiff and neck “cracking” as you do a simple head turn.  If this sounds familiar, this is the perfect article to dive into, as I help guide you in what I recommend every one of my teacher members (clients).  If you have no pain or stiffness, I highly suggest you read my first article “3 Hidden Signs That Your Body Needs to Recover From The Grueling School Year” because I write about hidden signs that your body is low on fuel and at risk for injury.  I hinted that you can have no pain, but your body may be at risk for heart, lymphatic and muscle and joint fatigue syndrome.

HEALTH CONCERN # 1: Stiffness is a big hidden reason that can predispose you to muscle and joint pain.  If you have limited range of motion with this feeling of stiffness, weakness is a common reason for your body to tighten up.  If you cannot move well (like from weakness induce by fatigue), your body will tighten up to slow you down from moving poorly.  I highly advise you to read that last sentence 2-3 times slowly so you can truly comprehend what I just wrote.  In the first article, one of the hidden reason is being your ability to touch your toes without bending your knees.

If you are worried about this and would like to have a personal dialogue with an expert medical professional, click on the blue button below.


FUN SOLUTION #1: Get into a yoga class.  Yoga invites you to these crazy positions that forces your body to learn how to move well and stretches you out.  If you are stretching something tight and it is not resolving, yoga might help with this issue.  The poses addresses this deep rooted weakness issue.  There is a decompression and endurance building training effect when you are asked to hold these poses for a longer duration.

HEALTH CONCERN #2: This next one sounds like common sense but that might be the problem in itself  If we are on our feet all day 5 times per week with shoes that overprotect us or improper heels, our feet will give out and not help us be active.  Our feet functions best when barefoot.  Barefoot allows us to be adaptable to our environment, and not vice versa.  I provided an easy and feel good treatment technique in the first article with the use of a tennis ball.

FUN SOLUTION: Walk on the beach (or pebbles) barefoot (or socks).  If you do not have easy access to the beach, go to your local park and walk barefoot.  Barefoot walking is something that needs to be trained.  Be careful to not overdo it early on.  The resistance of the sand will help build you leg muscles to be fit for summer.  Start out walking in a straight line then in two weeks add side walking to the regimen.  I love walking on pebbles because it massages our feet and stimulates key acupressure points for internal health.  The energy field from the ground has been shown to help us age well if you walk barefoot.

HEALTH CONCERNS #3: There are key systems within our body that has to work against gravity.  These system includes our cardiovascular and lymphatic system.  They can become fatigued and be strained over the long haul if we do not support our muscular system.  If you are afraid to work out because of a chronic health concern like high blood pressure, diabetes or a “bad” back, go see your local physical therapist to help work out your physical concerns.  ReVITALIze Rehab Club is located in Long Beach and provide a fun atmosphere to recharge and heal your mind and body.   We are teaming up with a local yoga and pilates studio to provide free classes for official club members.

FUN SOLUTION #3: On top of joining the club to get expert care from a fitness and medical standpoint, getting massages followed by the yoga is a nice 1-2 punch to help wake up your anti-gravity system then train it to handle the grind of next teaching season.  Who doesn’t like massages?….BTW you should not feel pain the day after your massages.  Other fun solutions to help build up your anti-gravity system is to get in the water and swim, jump on the trampoline and/or meditate.

If you need further evaluation so you can feel safe that your body is ready for your summer travels or you want the most out of your recharge time by September, click on the blue button for a complimentary session with Dr Danh Ngo.  It takes 4-8 weeks of physical nurturing to reshape our body, age well, or alter the course of any ailments.  Now is the time to take that first step so you have time left to enjoy summer!  One LOVE!

Please SHARE this article to any educators you know.  I am deeply appreciative for your dedication to our youth and I hope to repay the service by tuning up your body (and mind).


2 Comments on “3 Ways Teachers Can Help ReVITALize Their Body….and Have Fun Doing It Too”

  1. I want to say thank you very much for your articles they have really helped me. One thing I have done to help release stress from the bottom of my feet is roll my foot on a tennis ball.

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