Fitness 101: Finding a “Personal” Trainer (Part 1)

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Congratulations!  Whether you are reading this article because you are interested in hoping on the fitness train or the title caught your attention, my plan is to expose the truth about the fitness industry.  The human body is a marvelous machine and is designed to perform remarkable feats of movements.  This makes the job of a performance specialist aka personal … Read More

How to Undo Butt (Gluteus Maximus Muscle) Amnesia or Just Get a Rear Lift

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Do you suffer from knee pain? back pain? neck pain? hip pain? ankle sprains or pain?  Do you want to walk up the stairs easier, carry your grandchildren, play golf or tennis with your friends, jump higher, move faster?  The gluteal region is important for everything but we sit on it all day long.  Technology and society makes it too convienent to not engage … Read More

Neuro-reflexive Core Screen

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Neuroreflexive is another fancy word to say that your brain and body will protect you when you least expect it.  This is important to help yourself understand how your pain is impacting your ability to avoid surgery, play with your grandchildren, keep up and enjoy your retirement, and to “dream BIG, move BIG”! “Neuroreflexive” Core screen criteria (need to achieve … Read More

How To Build a Superhuman (The ReVITALize Way)

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Comic book movies are the latest trend nowadays.  From the recent Captain America: Civil War to the X-Men: Apocalypse movie, viewers are shown that superhero come in all size and shapes, with powers of different magnitude.  I believe we can all become our own superhero or superhuman with the right tools and training. There are four steps during this process: … Read More