Our story (continued)

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(story continued from above)…Forward 2012, my wife and I were blessed with our first child. We were happy and enjoying our new family, but realized something was wrong with our son. He was labeled with the diagnoses of eczema. This is a common condition nowadays that many doctors uses medications (steroids) to patch up the symptoms. I knew there are long term complications of the body from prolong use of medications so we tried the alternative route. This is the first stepping stone to my holistic approach where I realize I have a gift of seeing things from a difference perspective and how everything is pieced together.

We tried acupuncture, eastern medicine, functional medicine, and internet claims. We were desperate. I stayed up late at night searching the internet and frustruated that no medical place had a place to support and hold my “emotional” hand. No one gave me answers and asked me to just “trust them”. I took many outside the box medical classes with the hope that I can help my son. He suffered and lost 2-3 hours of sleep on most nights, crying out pain. His chronic pain at such a young age has shifted my perspective in managing people in pain and with a chronic health condition. The fire was fueled by this void helped he develop this hands on skill of helping people restore themselves from the inside out. It is amazing that my career went from teaching many graduate level Physical Therapy students to a holistic approach that allows the person to age better and move better.

After years on practicing in a hospital based environment that was dictated by insurance and higher ups, I decided that I was doing my patients a disservice by not providing the medical care that I believe in. Forward to 2017, I built a place that provides expert medicine along with the emotional support.</p>