How to Exercise While in Pain (Part 1)

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Everyone knows that exercise is important.  Did you know that exercise impacts all but one system in your body?  Exercise makes you look and feel younger.  When you are in acute or chronic pain, there are no clear guidelines besides rest…and maybe more rest (until infinity and beyond).  Okay.  I have two children so I could not resist sneaking in … Read More

When is an Expert NOT an Expert

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Expert is defined as person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.  It is common knowledge and agreeable across all fields that the true experts understands the basics very well. Over this past week, I have been talking to many people who are seeking for a holistic or relief for their chronic pain. … Read More

3 Exercises That Will Help Your Shoulder That No One is Talking About

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Did you know that our shoulder is designed to give us the ability to be dynamic and not for true power and strength?  This reason is why many suffer from chronic shoulder tightness and pain.  My best analogy when restoring peoples shoulder back to normal is a juggler juggling from a unicycle.  Read my article “Juggling The Juggler” to get … Read More

The Circle of Life

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Are you the type that thinks you are in control of your destiny?  Or are you the type that thinks luck and good karma energy controls your destiny?  Whichever side you lean towards, life most likely reinforced your belief through positive experiences.  What is pain?  What is inflammation?  What is cancer? I have been having this conversation with many people, … Read More

How to Help Superman Be More Unstoppable

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This is the biggest weekend holiday coming up.  It is father’s day!….Of course I am biased and like to think I am superman.  I know my children think I am made of steel and can do anything and everything.  The reality is that everybody needs maintenance especially since modern society asks everyone to take huge responsibilities and forces us to … Read More

Spine and Sports Medicine Expert by Your Side

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Hi everyone!  I would like to introduce myself.  I am Dr Danh Ngo and I help people find an alternative to pain killers, medications, procedures, and to avoid surgery.  Besides the medical title (label), I am more proud of being a father of two children.  I love being a father and I decided to venture into this small business arena … Read More