Why Are You Thinking About Discontinuing Physical Therapy? Can We Help?

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Physical therapy can be a long, hard road. Sessions sometimes are painful, whether during the session or afterward. This can mask the good that physical therapy is doing and leave you wondering if it’s really worth it. Because of this, and other reasons, many people end up discontinuing physical therapy. In fact, only 35% of physical therapy patients follow through with their … Read More

7 Tips for Dealing with Tight Hip Flexors

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tight hip flexors

About 80 percent of the U.S. population suffers from lower back pain at some point. Tight hip flexors may be part of the problem. Your hip flexors can be tight from sitting for long periods, jogging, and cycling.  Don’t let tight hip flexors ruin your exercise routine or make you uncomfortable. Here are seven tips to do with tight hip flexors. Are … Read More

5 Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Even if we try our best, it’s not always possible to avoid physical injury. This is especially true while playing sports or working out in the gym. If you’ve experienced an injury or have chronic pain, you’ll likely benefit from physical therapy. But, not everyone knows what to expect. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s … Read More

10 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain

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Research tells us that a whopping 80% of people suffer from back pain during some point in their lives.  Thankfully, many people find relief from physical therapy for back pain and are able to get back to work and enjoy their lives as they did before their injury.  Back pain can feel so debilitating that it affects many people’s ability to work, exercise, … Read More

How to Exercise While in Pain (Part 1)

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Everyone knows that exercise is important.  Did you know that exercise impacts all but one system in your body?  Exercise makes you look and feel younger.  When you are in acute or chronic pain, there are no clear guidelines besides rest…and maybe more rest (until infinity and beyond).  Okay.  I have two children so I could not resist sneaking in … Read More

Running 101: Debunking the Myth of Running and Arthritis

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It is almost spring, and this is the time when people come out of hibernation to start running.  Our first article on running titled “Instruction Manual on How to Run Like Tony Starks (Iron Man)” details why one should be fit to run rather than running to stay fit.  If you desire a healthy run, the article elaborates how to address your … Read More